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At Antenatal Training International we believe that learning should be engaging, interactive, and enjoyable. That’s why we have revolutionised the way antenatal training is delivered by incorporating quizzes, videos, graphics, and interactivity into our learning environment.

Our mission is to provide you with an immersive learning experience that goes beyond traditional education which can be boring and laborious (pardon the pun!), combining the best of science and a holistic approach to antenatal care.

We’ve tailored our training to match the type of experience you can give to your parents. Fiving you the platform for your childbirth classes that have that all-important “Unique Selling Point ” to make you stand head and shoulders over other offerings for parents.

Our unique approach extends well beyond the digital classroom and workshops – the addition of the  expert marketing modules and the supportive community for ongoing career development will help you to not just become a successful antenatal teacher,  but also build your own brand.

Our Innovative Approach


Our internationally renowned expert tutors will guide you through the learning material in fully interactive sessions that allow you to ask questions, get practical advice and relevant examples without the hierarchy or ego.


From workbooks to animations, quizzes to games – we take a fun, multimedia approach to the curriculum so that you can learn in a way that suits you and your best learning style, and so you can work around your lifestyle.


You can experience the power of hands-on learning through our fun and engaging in-person workshops, where knowledge comes to life at the end of your training. We love to bring people together in these sessions to learn, connect and network.

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If you have already spent some time on our website then you’ll know that we want to disrupt the status quo wherever and whenever we can! 

We are serious about changing the narrative, not just when it comes to the care and support given to parents, but also about access to education, building career pathways and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for people, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

We don’t care about your ability to attend classes 9-5. We are not worried if you have 10 GCSE’s or 1. Your commitments and responsibilities deserve to be respected, and with all of that in mind, we have created this platform to allow you to craft your dream career, build your impactful business and weave a tapestry of legacy – in your way.


Learner Led

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