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In the digital age where everyone is super connected, has access to information and services at their fingertips and wants to make the right decision every time – we know that simply getting qualified to deliver childbirth classes or assist with births is not enough to make you successful.

That’s why we give you the platform for your childbirth classes that have that all-important “Unique Selling Point ” to make you stand head and shoulders over other offerings for parents. Through the provision of a unique class structure, as well as expert marketing modules with the supportive community for ongoing career development, Antenatal Training International will help you to not just become a successful antenatal teacher,  but also build your own brand.

Our Innovative Approach


8 years of collaborative research to bring parents contemporary, heart led antenatal classes which transcend traditional methodologies. 


Interactive Learning Environment

Research led approaches to training delivery that are human-centric and inclusive at their core for individualised learning styles.


Set Up For Business Success

Comprehensive access to mentoring and marketing support to help you build your brand beyond a qualification

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In today’s connected era, parents are wanting more from the antenatal and birthing experience. They want to connect to each other, to deeply understand their roles, emotions and be fully prepared as a partnership when entering birth.

The impact of not meeting these needs under an increasingly demanding social structure, medicalised birth field, staff shortages, and underfunded units is causing worrying levels of trauma and mental health issues.  Every year that goes by mental health issues in new parents rises, whilst for the past 15 years, suicide remains a leading cause of maternal death. We believe this has to stop. The training of childbirth teachers and the content of classes has to step up. 


Nurture First 

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ced by love

After 8 years of collaborative research and development, Antenatal Training International launched a series of Diplomas, designed to enable childbirth educators to deliver a new approach to classes, that not only support parents in their choices but to also include elements that are traditionally missing from standard classes based upon our six pillar approach.

Classes which nurture, support, and build the connection between parents. Placing a focus on building mental and emotional resilience, creating strategies for varying pregnancy and birth pathways, which place as much importance on the postnatal period as the birth itself. 

Based on science, influenced by love and led by an unwavering belief that there is a better approach for expectant parents – and together we can lead the change.


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With Antenatal Training Internatioanl, our evidence-based approach doesn’t stop at the information on childbirth and early years. We have also integrated research into how adults learn and the best methods for online learning in order to build a comprehensive course.

Because we have training contracts with government organisations such as the NHS, DWP and Sure Start as well as offering courses out to the general public we have to ensure the course meets a wide variety of learning needs. Therefore the structure of the course allows for those wanting to refresh their skills, those wanting to build their skills and those starting from ground zero. It allows for those wanting to be independent with their learning, or those who want the support. Our approach is interactive and caters for a wide variety of learning styles, helping you to retain your knowledge, apply your learning and practice your skills. 

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