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The trainings and services available from Antenatal Training International and sister company BirthWorld CIC have been developed from 10 years of collaborative research examining the impact that antenatal education can have on parental birth, emotional health and wellbeing. This research has informed and developed a unique training system based on five core pillars.  

What does this mean for you? Every element of your training is intentional, developed with impact and your brand at the heart of the decision making. There is no cookie cutter, text book generated approach – meaning you can invest in your training with confidence.

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Promoting Resilience

We have developed a unique class system based on five pillars which combine to create a philosophy which helps enhance parent’s mental and emotional resilience during pregnancy and postnatally. This not only forms the foundation of the BirthWorld CIC antenatal classes but is our guiding North Star that runs through all our training.

Repurposing Talent

A huge proportion of midwives are due to leave the NHS imminently. Most of the leavers quote stress, burnout and a fatigue with the system as the drivers for their exit. The system is broken, but we believe with our unique 5 pillar approach that it is possible to provide an incredible silver lining opportunity for those who still feel the call to serve.

Conscious Choice

A revolution is happening: Parents want more. Covid has been the catalyst for people seeking to gain control over their birth and exercise conscious chioce. They want to find confidence in their own abilities, and to reduce reliance on the maternity care system. The result of this? A significant rise in demand for high quality Antenatal Classes…

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Over the transition between the NHS and private services, parents will be needing and wanting that extra support, that stand-out class that offers more than just pain relief options. They will want a facilitator that can genuinely help and support them through what will be increasingly a tough time on their mental and emotional health. 

That is why we have created Antenatal Training International and Birth World CIC… to give a platform for passionate and authentic practitioners, like you, to learn and develop a purpose led career in Childbirth education. Explore the 6 pillar system and if you think there is a fit in terms of ethics, ethos and values, then let’s embark on the exciting journey together to help rewrite the narrative.


The Revolutionary Opportunity

The 6 plars to emoonal hlth and wlbeg

Our Pillars are the philosophy that underpins our ability to support the enhancement of a parent’s mental and emotional resilience during the 1001 days. Our training is now so different that we hold training contracts with NHS trusts to enable their midwives to effectively support patients using this system. 


Continuity of Care

Ctinuy of Ce

At the centre of it all, is a recognition that birth doesn’t happen in isolation, the journey through pregnancy itself is a vital part of the overall experience that most classes ignore, focusing purely on whether the outcome of the birth was a positive experience or not.  But we have an opportunity to influence the mental wellbeing of our parents, through their pregnancy journey, the birth itself and beyond, and to ensure their whole experience is as positive, well-informed and fully-supported as possible




This incredibly powerful technique has proven benefits including reduced reliance on pain relief, more settled mother and baby and reduction in mental health problems and yet it continues to be sidelined or discounted by many training organisations including the NCT.  We put this practice front and centre in much of our training because of the incredible benefits and impact on wellbeing – and we now hold the training contracts for the NHS trusts, enabling their midwives to effectively support parents using this technique too.




This may sound unusual but we actually place the partner at the centre of our classes, we want them to have a solidly defined hero role, not a side-kick cape.  On the whole, Men are biologically designed to be the protector and labour can rob them of this hormonal and ancestrally programmed role. The midwife does the caring while he is left on the side not knowing what to do while his partner is in distress – this greatly impacts on informed decision-making and their ability to be involved during birth and around 50% of partners experience postnatal mental health issues as a result of this.  Elevating the role of partners is beneficial for both parents and helps them approach the birth as a team.


Self Determination


We hold the rights and responsibilities of the parents in the highest esteem and believe that research and a partnership approach to problem-solving is critical in empowering parents and helping them make the right choices through their birth experience and beyond.  Knowing their rights and knowing when and where to get support – and how to communicate effectively with care professionals is a key part of this, but fundamentally it’s about treating parents with respect and honouring their role. 

So we don’t “split couples up” in classes to create the “right group dynamics”.  They’re partners and they need to learn, grow and work together in partnership.  We believe our role really is to coach, guide, and signpost, and to allow our parents to take control of their own learning, and determine their own choices and path, equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions.


Personal Growth

Psonal Gwth

The journey to parenthood is one of immense personal growth.  But equipping parents with the right skills to adapt to the journey can make a massive difference in their ability to cope, particularly with traumatic events; stress is better managed, attachment between partners and baby is improved, self-esteem is improved. 

We use reflective problem solving and Future Focus, to help parents make informed decisions and to help them prepare for new changes and challenges that they have not planned for, such as emergency C-sections and sleepless nights.  Being able to build adaptability and resilience is key to a smoother experience and both what and how we teach and coach this can make an incredible difference to parents birth experiences.


Self Care

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Prioritising, teaching and encouraging self-care is vital in enabling parents to function effectively whilst meeting the challenges ahead, with confidence and so it’s a theme that runs throughout everything we teach, and we coach parents to recognise in each other when they may need additional support.

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Our Difference 

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The Antenatal classes offered by BirthWorld CIC are individually focused, and attract the expectant parents at around 20+ weeks into pregnancy. By working with parents as early as 20 weeks, we can reduce the cortisol exposure a foetus is exposed to and impact more on the parents’ journey.

We know that you want to treat parents as humans, not numbers. Your deep respect for the feelings of expectant parents, their need to maintain their integrity uphold their rights runs deep into your core. This is what brings you to us; and this is what the 6 core pillar approach can do for your antenatal career. You can do more than run classes, you can build a brand that spearheads real, impactful change – so that the worrying statistics can be improved.

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