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Your perfect career is an antenatal educator

You love interacting and engaging with other people. You are kind and compassionate and understand the importance of individual choice, so running classes to support parents is a great fit.

Being a Childbirth Educator places you in a position where you can really make a difference to your parent’s lives and your own. It’s an expansive role, where you can teach in many settings and subjects -This role covers a wide area from pregnancy to birth, to parenting and breastfeeding. 

In fact, for many teachers this is the spring board that launches a very expansive, successful career due to the fact that birth underpins the whole parental journey! A fabulous launch pad for your new career!

why choose a career in birth work?

Flexible Schedule

Birth work is a sector that can allow for you to craft your own schedule with flexible hours, making it a great choice for those who want to balance work with other commitments whilst also having a meaningful career and real business opportunity.

Fulfilling and Rewarding

You get to be part of changing the narrative when it comes to a sector that is facing significant challenges at both a practitioner level and for parents needing support. The feelings of purpose and fulfilment can literally fuel your soul.

Diverse Opportunities

From becoming a doula or midwife, to pursuing a career as a childbirth educator or breastfeeding consultant, there are various paths in birth work that can allow to create an impact on your local community and the lives of little ones.

What is the role like?


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