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Step 3: Intacve, skls based, live wkshs!

With a Graduation ceremony and after party - Celebrating your success!

Nothing beats hands on practice, yet since covid the whole word seems to have moved online, isolating people behind computer screens and reducing learning to “theory”.

Although research into the quality of teaching standards within antenatal education is minimal, what we do have demonstrates that teaching skills is an area which is rated poorly by both assessors and parents. 

Not surprising as workshops cost a lot of time and money to organise, but it also goes to show that many don’t understand teaching and the impact this does or does not have on parents. 

Parents are very likely to walk out your classes, shouting the praises, because it is fresh in their mind, but later? Comments between parents pop up online “well it was pointless really, but I did make friends”

I’m sure you’ve seen these posts, but why? Why do parents not know the value of antenatal classes? Because they didn’t get any real value from the class that they can recall later on. Its then perpetuated by putting other Parents off going, because “there is no point” (other than to make friends, which frankly is quite sad)

You want to make the impact you seek, then your teaching skills need to be on point! 


One-two Days


Day one: Students to Student practice

Graduation ceremony and after party

Day two: Student to Parent practice

Certificate of Attendence:

Is This Y?

  • Your passion lies around the  psychology of birth and the  ways hypnosis can facilitate all manor of different births in a positive way. 
  • You understand that previous trauma, fear and anxiety are rising in expectant parents, and believe that these techniques can support a parent to overcome mental barriers to their birth. You want to use these techniques to not only support birth but mental health too. 
  • You know that hypnobirthing really aligns with your desire to bring a mind-body connection to your work. To educate around childbirth in a more holistic way.
  • You want the flexibility to run your classes, your way, but have the backing of a large community of support and it would be great if you were given loads of resources so that you could just get started, without worrying about creating your own.  You can get to that later.
  • You are looking for career where you finish the day relaxed and refreshed, ready to give that energy back to your family.

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