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Welcome to The Perinatal HiveMind Mentorship Programme

Designed exclusively for ambitious perinatal workers seeking to advance their careers and enhance their practice.

A winning combination of  resources and expert-led sessions provide personal and professional growth, gentle accountability and direction alongside community and collaboration to expand your professional identity and expertise, and build a long lasting, impactful business.

… All whilst balancing your growth with your wellbeing.

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Your website; your email marketing and your approach with social media all form the core content you produce that can attract, engage and convert your ideal clients. We will hone in on all the areas of content marketing that can drive your business, build a loyal following and generate bookings.

Far more than simple training sessions, the addition of  strategy and accountability mentorship will help you grow your brand both online and offline

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Lets cut to the chase – you have entered career that demands lifelong evidenced based learning… so lets give you that and make it easy, fun and juicy! Forget wading through dry research articles trying to work out what (R=0.32%) means! 

Lets sit down together and have lively discussions on the validity and reliability of the research, how does this fit in with other research, how might this change the landscape of our education and care! 

Using case studies and our personal stories, we also examine how research applies to our work. Ethical debates awaits!

Reflection and Wellbeing

Its not secret that the system our parents birth and transition in, is broken. Alongside birthing politics this is leaving a lot of disillusioned and struggling perinatal professionals. 

You stepped out to make the difference you seek, but running a business is hard work.

Perinatal HiveMind Mentorship is here to support you. From mindset and coping strategies, to reflections moments and wellness sessions this gentle guidance will nourish your mind and spirit to help you flourish and thrive with a smile and a happy heart. 

In person

Covid took away in person training and workshops, and with most training now being online, hands on teaching practice a is lost art and skill. 

Well we are bring it back baby! Can I get a “woop-woop”!

Our annual Conference and Workshop provides in person learning, networking, support and teaching practice opportunities.

Our talented photographer and videographer will also be present to help you create some amazing brand images and content for your marketing!

Hds , who has the T-Shirt?

Ive been, probably where you are right now, or about to be ….. The “making it work alongside a thousand other life commitments, with a side dollop of burnout”

You are probably working full time (or at least its seems that way), but yet the bank balance doesn’t reflect your worth and your commitment. Its hard to get your classes booked up. 

Keeping up to date with industry changes is tiring, CPD can be time consuming and lonely. Conferences  are expensive and if you want to dig out some research, unless you have degree how are you supposed to actually determine its quality? 

Not what you had planned I bet? 

Fortunately for you, Ive been there,  so have …. in short all the team at Antenatal Training International! Great news is we can help you avoid this.

The Perinatal HiveMind is your “Village”, your happy home where together we celebrate your successes, and support your lows !


Continuous Improvement

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Je ’24

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The first 20 founding members who sign up before June 1st 2024 will lock in a lifetime deal of just £17 p/m! – saving £234


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*Price from 1st June 2024, or after the 20 members: £37 pm / £399

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