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Here at Antenatal Training International we are all joined by one clear purpose: To provide a credible alternative to childbirth education and support for parents that has a direct impact on reducing birth trauma and the negative mental health experiences that are prevalent in today’s society as a direct result of poor quality provision. 

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I'm your Founder, Lizzie...

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Having had a successful International Marketing and Events career for many years, in 2009 I embarked upon midwifery training after the banking crisis of 2008 made me fully re-evaluate my purpose and direction in life. I was fascinated and inspired by the wonder that is the birthing process and being able to support women through their life changing journey. From those first few magical “catches” I knew I had found my calling. But, the joy I got to witness on a daily basis was massively overshadowed by the unsympathetic – and sometimes dangerous – practices that were occurring more often than I would ever realise…

The Expienc Fu My Why…

  • The soul destroying  experience of seeing no less than 9 student doctors come forward to do an unconsented vaginal examination, while the woman is sedated. 
  • Hearing your midwifery mentor tell a woman her baby will die if she does not do as she is told, seeing an unconsented episiotomy preformed, parents being scared into inductions in case baby dies (but not on a Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday or over Christmas – work that one out!) and above all hearing stories and seeing parents come away from their experience full of shock. 
  • The realisation that (unless you are strong like some of amazing Midwives I have worked with), it takes around 7 years from qualification to become an institutionalised Midwife,
I knew I cld
do it

The Pow Of The Educat To Dve Chge…

Childbirth classes are designed to essentially support their knowledge so they can make appropriate decisions in their care. Simple? No.  You see a parents experience is “Potluck”. Ideally a Midwife should discuss all care options and the parents should be central to that care. Only that doesn’t happen – fear of litigation, fear of going against policies, differing policies, time, culture of bullying – I could go on, but you get the idea. 

My experiences created a firm resolve that something had to be done about this. And so, I decided to focus on childbirth education. With rising mental health concerns among new parents and rising birth trauma reports, I knew something urgently needed to be done. It was very clear to me that as a childbirth educator I could really make an impact that I couldn’t in any other role. Interestingly enough, four of my old student Midwife friends, have turned from Midwifery to Antenatal Education demonstrating that the power of the educator to drive change rules!


Rewriting The Narrative

Rewring The Nrave Wh Antatal Educi

I firmly believe as Childbirth Educators we can make that difference. With the right childbirth classes, we can, not just talk about empowerment and choice, but help parents build resilience for their journey. We can support their mental health, build their support team. We can reduce this prevalence of birth trauma and suicide.

I believe the right Childbirth Education delivered in the right way can make a difference. We need to prove it though. Through classes ran under the banner of Birth World we can use the information gathered to adjust what, and how we teach, in order to measure results and make the impact that is so desperately needed. To do this I need a network of successful educators – and that is where you come in. 

Be part of rewriting the narrative when it comes to antenatal and postnatal education – get qualified in as little as 8 weeks and start impacting on lives in your area…



Antatal & Hypnobirthg Tcher Trning Diplas

Gain qualifications in supporting expectant parents with preparing for their new arrival.



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Qualify in programmes to support parents with those momentous firsts…



Newbn To Two Inft Class Trning Diplas

Build a successful business that supports parents with those crucial early years.

1001 Days


1001 Days Diplas & Buse Trning Bdl

A complete package of accredited training to build your ultimate parenting business.

We e the chge th we seek..

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Barack Obama

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