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Our commitment to your success in the birth work sector extends well beyond the exceptional antenatal education diplomas we offer. We are dedicated to providing unrivalled mentoring and guidance to help you excel in your career, build a brand and help you to navigate the world of antenatal training with confidence. 

Our mission is to help support ambitious people to not shy away from starting a business. Our founder Lizzie wants to use her decades of business, marketing and industry knowledge to support you with establishing yourself in the industry – and feeling empowered to make great decisions for your journey, well beyond your qualifications. 

You can be dedicated to helping people with the first 1001 days of their parenting journey, we can help you with your first 1001 days…

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Funding Applications

Offering expert assistance in securing grants and funding for your educational journey. Our team can help you identify relevant funding opportunities in your areas and provide guidance on crafting compelling applications, particularly if you are neurodivergent.

Business Equipment

There are a number of initiatives available to support business start ups that help to provide equipment and other discounts/access to facilities which could help you to create the right infrastructure for your business.

Operational Mentoring

We can help you to find funding and access to support to help you run your business. From admin support, to outsourcing marketing activities and more, we can explore what is available and help you to apply for it. 

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The Opportunities In Birth Work...


As a midwife, you’ll play a crucial role in prenatal, childbirth, and postnatal care. Our qualifications can support your pathway towards a midwifery career – but it is not the only option available to you if you want to provide hands on support…


Doula’s provide emotional and physical support to expectant mothers before, during, and after childbirth – and provide a credible alternative to parents who want a different midwifery experience. We are proud to support training Doula’s in their profession.


Teach parents-to-be with essential childbirth and parenting classes that will help them to prepare for their new arrival. Using our unique six pillar approach you can support parents with emotional and practical techniques that truly empower.


Providing essential information and support to new mothers who want to enjoy breastfeeding.  Lactation Consultants and Breastfeeding Counsellors assist in overcoming any challenges and ensuring a positive breastfeeding journey.

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Explore the resources to help you select the right diploma for you and let’s begin your journey to a fulfilling and rewarding new career.


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