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Each tutor holds the highest qualification in their field AND has a minimum of 10 years professional experience. You wont find a “jack of all trades” here!

Meet the faces behind your educational journey and discover how our team of experts is committed to guiding you every step of the way to your future and supporting you to become the expert in your community…


Our Founder 

Lizzie Zahanska-Ele

Lizzie started her birth career training as Midwife, where she discovered a passion for Antenatal Education and perinatal mental health. Knowing this was where she needed to focus, she turned to education and now, fast forward, 100’s parents and 10 years of research and further training later, Antenatal Training International and BirthWorld were born. Specifically designed to create a new generation of antenatal educators and deliver childbirth education that makes a real difference. She is excited to finally compound all her knowledge and  complete her Ph.D. in Perinatal Mental Health Education using BirthWorld as the research base.

Read more about the inspiration of Antenatal Training International and BirthWorld here…

Lizzie is currently writing her first book entitled “BirthPower Pathways – a guide to a career in the 1001 days”. Connect with Lizzie Directly 



Pela Rae-Wsh

Pamela has been a recognised marketing expert for over 20 years. Specialising  in holistic, ethical marketing for female business owners who want to get their business seen and booked! 

Bringing a high energy, creative and fast paced vibe to the marketing tutorials, she will keep you updated on SEO, branding, current trends, changes and provide that all-important personal support for your business. Marketing Tutorials run monthly throughout your time with us giving you lots of support to success, and post qualified support is provided via The Village Hub.




Shley Wils

Shelley is a highly experienced Midwife of 20 years and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) of 10 years. She worked 17 years out in the Middle East as a Midwife Supervisor caring for many V.I.P and Royal Family members, as well as a wide diversity of cultures and religions.

She is excited to support students to make the changes that breastfeeding families need and strongly believes together we can support, educate and encourage breastfeeding families around the globe to eliminate this stress for Parents.




Ru Olayka

Ruth is an experienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, EMI and EFT Practitioner.  Her interest in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming started when she wanted to quit smoking. After one rapidly successful session, she was hooked and decided to change career direction from a Theatre Practitioner and following the birth of her daughter, it felt right to specialise in supporting fertility, pregnancy, birth, and beyond and is now widely recognised for her talents. 

Ruth is currently writing her first book tilted “Beyond Hypnobirthing”. Connect with Ruth on LinkedIn 


Perinatal Mental Health

Mia Scotld

Mia is a registered, accredited and chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience. She has a particular passion for the Psychology of Birth, and understanding how good preparation is key to a good birth. While specialising in antenatal and postnatal mental health, her skills also expand beyond into areas such as, Rewind technique, and resilience training. Mia is often in demand to teach and speak worldwide, so you may bump into her at maternity conferences.

Mia is the bestselling author of “Why Perinatal Depression Matters”


Perinatal Nutrition

Dr Mika Goic

Monika is an award-winning Ph.D. lecturer and scientist specialising in nutrition with a focus on Mental Health, Microbiology, and Genetics. She has been featured on BBC Scotland Radio 1 and BBC Scotland TV program Food Fest. 

We are so lucky to have her as part of the team as Nutrition is a really important element in supporting Parents’ mental and emotional health, which goes so far beyond “5 a day”, you can’t even see it with a telescope! 


Monika runs her own B.A.D movement supporting business owner living with chronic illnesses to find relief through nutrition


Development Lead 

Emma Gaskg

Emma is an experienced Midwife and an MBA holder. Previously, she worked in the NHS as a Midwife and Parent Education Lead. She will pop up as a guest teacher on a few modules, but her main focus will be ensuring that the courses stay current with evidence and guidelines, to maintain our very high standards. Ensuring your education is backed by this quality assurance, is the mark of our exacting educational standards. In addition, alongside Lizzie, she will be the main driving force behind our Perinatal Hivemind, where she will be supporting members with industry and skill updates.

Emma will also be using all her highly valuable skills to help drive BirthWorld and the research behind this project.

Our 3 key values


At our core, integrity is not just a word; it’s a way of life for our team. We firmly believe that honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct are the pillars upon which trust is built. In everything we do, from educating future childbirth professionals to providing ongoing support, integrity is woven into the fabric of our values.


When you choose to be a part of our community, you’ll experience an environment where your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are valued and honoured. We’re dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, ensuring that you feel heard and supported on your path to becoming a knowledgeable and empathetic childbirth educator.


Our commitment to upholding human dignity is unwavering, and it permeates every aspect of our work. When you embark on your educational journey with us, you can rest assured that your dignity will be preserved and honoured. We prioritise creating an inclusive learning environment where your individuality is celebrated. 

Rdy to stt yr learng jrney?

If you’re ready to embark on a fulfilling journey as a childbirth educator, Antenatal Training International is the ideal place to nurture your passion and make a difference. Join us, and together, we’ll empower the next generation of parents…

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