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Level up your maternal health career

Antenatal Educator Training to Sure Start
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Merny Nse d Educat Spiali

This 4 in 1 accredited qualification supports you to deliver an expansive range of services, classes or individual support to your parents and babies.

The maternity nurse and educator specialist course gives you a 4-in-1 qualification that covers essential topics, including Baby Massage and Yoga, Forest Bathing, Baby Sleep Consulting, and Maternity Nursing. You will qualify with a comprehensive understanding of infant care and support for parents and caregivers – giving you the ultimate opportunity to build a thriving business serving parents in your area with science backed, holistic group and individual programmes.




Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist Diploma


Is e merny nse & educar spiali diplght f y?

This Diploma exists to place you as the central support of Parents’ and baby’s life. 

You may already know that by offering continuity of care for Parents’ their mental health and birthing outcomes are positively enhanced? Why are services so disconnected when we know the benefits? You have probably already noticed that you can train as a maternity nurse, or a baby massage instructor, or baby sleep consultant, or, or ,or – yet why when they are all interconnected, does no one  offer an interconnected diploma?

Disconnected and incomplete training leads to disconnected & incomplete care…

This also leads to disconnected an incomplete income! Yeh, I said it. You have a good heart, I know you do, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. But you also have a life and dreams to live, probably family that wants quality time with you at home. So yes you need an efficient way of earning a good living that you can take pride in. Guess what ? Offering continuity of services to your parents leads to efficient and longevity of income!

This Diploma will enable you to either start a new career, with no prior experience, as a Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist, or enhance your current business and activate a long term, transformational career.

With 1300 SureStart centres now closed, and more  continuing to close at a rate of 1 in 3, this leaves parents’ without vital community support. Alongside this, the Leadsom Review stressed the urgency for “joined up”, community care services. Holistic services are shown to improve children’s health such as stronger immune systems and improved early years mental health. The benefits of integrated services offer babies socio-emotional and behavioural development long beyond two years old. Now has never been a better time to invest in a rewarding career that can also give you an impactful brand that generates sustainable revenue for you.

Wh cld y en as a

Matny Nse & Educat Spiali?

Your earning range is around £1600

Your earning range is around £750

Your earning potential is £900 per 6 weeks blocks

You earning range is around £75 ph

You earning range is around £450 per baby

Kd Wds fr r Communy

“Being a Maternity Nurse already I chose this course because I’m looking for ways to quit private nanny-ing. I was expecting something like what you get in antenatal classes, but the course was just so much more. Before doing this, I did wonder how I’d teach baby care for 6 hours, now I’m planning on 12 hour courses! – Thank you for creating an incredible course ! “

Olivia Cter

Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist


Wh‘s cluded yr Maternity Nurse & Educator Trng?


Wh will you learn as a  Mernity Nse & Educat Speciali?


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Breastfed-Led Sleep Consultant

Become a qualified sleep consultant using this specialist breastfed led and holistic led approach training.

Looking at various topics like sleep cues, requirements, cycles and patterns, you can learn to support a baby to naturally settle and sooth, whilst keeping the babies mental, emotional and nutritional health at the focus.


Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor

Become a qualified Baby massage instructor to teach touch techniques to bond, sooth, nurture and develop babies wellbeing. Teaching plans and routines will help you to easily design a series of classes for your Parents’.

Also included is a Baby Yoga Instructor course.  Through gentle techniques you can show Parents’ how to increase the bond they have with their baby, how they can support their baby’s physical and neurological development and their gross and fine motor skills.

These classes are ideal for when a wiggly baby wants to move on from massage time!


Forest Play & Development

Forest play / bathing is the Japanese practice of shinrin yoku. Forest bathing uses sensory relaxation  to aid the baby’s mental and physical wellbeing and development of the child. 

However, it has a double whammy effect for the attending Parent/s as well, reducing anxiety, stress, depression and fatigue.  

Taking you from babyhood to around 2 years old  ….. and no it doesn’t have to be done in a Forest!


Early Years Development

This module looks into the transition from uterine life to adapting to life in the wide world.

See how the heart, circulation and other bodily systems adapt at birth, through the golden hour into the next few months of life. 

Understand the challenges faced by newborns and decode their methods of communication through cries and cues, offering insights into the view of the world through a baby’s eyes.

See how the development of the brain and nervous system development is impacted by a baby’s environment, and how this affects their emotions, cognitive abilities and behaviours.


    • Examine how babies learn to discriminate between emotions from faces, voices, and bodies
    • Examine milestones, delays and common interventions
    • See how a baby’s progress through their stages from reflexes. Language and sensory development to visual and tonal development.

Bonding Matters’

Attachment & Mental Health

Looking at the importance of attachment, how to facilitate this, how to support Parents’ who feel they are having issues with bonding. Special guest lectures will give you an insight into carrying babies – a technique often used to enhance a bond.


  • Why attachment is important and how it happens
  • Discover how even newborns start the process of learning in areas like; sociability, attachment, self‐regulation and empathy.
  • How trauma can affect attachment
  • How to support parents to become attuned to their babies cue to facilitate attachment.
  • Understand your role supporting mental health and wellbeing for babies.
  • Look at at the social and environmental factors associated with early years mental health.

Soft as a baby’s …


The skin is a humans first form of defense against illness and disease. Whilst newborns are developing a strong immune system, it is important to maintain this natural barrier. But is bathing, creams and lotions good for the baby? what about common skin complaints?  Its all covered!


  • Take a deeper look at Vernix Caseosa and its role in the protective “mantle”
  • What damages this mantel?
  • Common skin conditions
  • Look at protective bacteria and microbiomes and their role in the immune system

First Aid

Colic, Reflux, Allergies & Illnesses

Recognise the symptoms of colic reflux, and allergies and how the environment plays its part. Look at treatments methods and when to call for a specialist help. 


  • Practical steps to support families with evidence-based information
  • Explore the existing understanding of allergy and immune disorder
  • Understand what the underlying causes are, how you can reduce baby’s symptoms.

Extra Care


This unit looks at Premature , low weight and sick babies. Take a look into the NICU and see how to support a parent experiencing these moments, and the transition to home. Expressing, tube, cup and bottle feeding are covered within this unit, as well as supporting a poorly baby to breastfeed. 


  • Learn how to express, tube and bottle feed safely.
  • How can you support a parent to breast / chest feed with a baby in the NICU?
  • Support a parent through the emotions, the Ups, the Downs and develop their confidence.

Engage & Learn

Maternity Nurse Teaching Skills

This stand-alone qualification develops your communication skills, confidence, and expertise to guide groups of expectant parents through pregnancy and parenthood. It delves into various hypnobirthing teaching methods, ensuring your lessons are engaging and effective.


  • Understanding the psychology of adult learning and educational theories.
  • Distinguishing between teaching, coaching, and facilitating.
  • Employing active teaching methods to make classes engaging.
  • Integrating learning aims and outcomes for impactful lessons.
  • Designing, practicing, and evaluating courses for diverse settings, including online and private.
  • Includes lesson and course plans, and templates.

Ethnicity to Neuro

Vulnerable Communities

Industry research, reveals the significant impact of inequalities and biases faced by ethnic, LGBTQ+, nuero-diverse and differently-abled parents. This module looks at why merely adjusting language and images in your maternity classes doesn’t go far enough. 


  • Differentiating between allyship and acceptance.
  • Identifying appropriate terminology and effective communication strategies.
  • Using inclusive branding and clear signposting.
  • Understanding the challenges these families face and developing tailored support strategies.
  • Exploring neurodiversity to  design adaptive and more effective parentcraft courses.

Lifetime Support

The Pros and Cons of Workshops vs. Online Learning for Aspiring Childbirth Educators

Marketing is far more than  displaying posters or frequent social media posting. This module delves into understanding what your clients truly seek and how to communicate effectively, making them willing to travel two hours to attend your hypnobirthing classes!  This module helps you to grow and to develop and grow your business from the start of your studies, so when you qualify – you can fly! additionally you will receive continuous support, including lifetime access to expert guidance and updated training and resources, ensuring that your skills and knowledge remain sharp in this rapidly evolving  landscape.


  • Acquire advanced marketing skills such as managing social media, utilising Google ads, enhancing websites with SEO, and mastering copywriting, blogging, and sales funnels.
  • Benefit from practical tools such as social media templates, worksheet prompts, and checklists that facilitate the straightforward setup of your business.
  • Investigate the essence of your brand’s voice and image, and understand how to craft copy that appeals to your ideal client without resorting to  “tactics”.


Safeguarding Adults & Babies

Safeguarding is essential for protecting yourself, as well as the parents and babies with whom you work. It underscores the importance of maintaining safety and enhancing the well-being of all involved, thus establishing a secure environment conducive to learning and development. This module will equip you with the skills to detect signs of harm, abuse, and neglect, and to provide effective support and guidance. A template for a safeguarding policy is also included to facilitate the implementation of these practices.


  • Recognise and comprehend the fundamental principles of safeguarding for both parents and babies within educational contexts.
  • Develop capabilities to foster a safe, welcoming atmosphere for classes, with an emphasis on privacy, respect, and emotional support.
  • Acquire the ability to identify and react appropriately to any indications of discomfort or distress in parents and babies, ensuring their continuous well-being.
  • Become proficient in applying safety protocols, including the prevention of environmental hazards, adherence to hygiene standards, and maintaining respectful, consent-based interactions with both parents and infants.

4 simple eps to yr Care

Learn Your

Work your way through the online modules and tutorials at your own pace, in your own time. Broken down into small bit sized chunks its easy to achieve this around your life and helps you work your way through the course in a time-sensitive manner.

Video, animations, workbooks, puzzles, audio casts, and blogs cater for every learning style. No “death by power-point” here!

Our “Earn as you Learn” process means you could be teaching in as little as 8 weeks!

Apply Your Knowledge

Live weekly tutorials with the module leaders will help you apply your new knowledge to working life situations.

Using scenarios, case studies and ethical discussions you will take your learning to the next level. 

Also covered are topics like  setting up your practice, discussing lesson plans and opportunities to practice online teaching are also included.

Missed one? Can’t attend live? Watch on replay!

Practice Your Skills

Our Workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills and build your confidence.  A  photographer and videographer will also be present to support you in building your brand presence! 

These are not compulsory and you do not need to attend to pass your qualification.

Details are sent out towards the end of your training. Location/dates vary but is usually Spring or Autumn within the Midlands

Elevate Your Career

Lifetime access to the course,  all the updates AND the live tutorials allow you to refresh and keep updated whenever you wish. 

Sitting alongside this is FREE, ongoing CPD keeping you on top of the latest developments both in your industry and in the world of social media and marketing.

And for our Advanced Diploma Students, additional FREE mindset, CEO sessions provide strategy, gentle accountability and support to ensure your success – For life!

Rdy  rol?

Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist Training

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Save thousands!

Combine Diplomas


Advced dipla in e 1001 days wi busine bdle

This Diploma encompasses all five of our mainstream diplomas PLUS qualifies you as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, and a Perinatal Mental Health Supporter. (If you are a Midwife, Nurse or medically qualified HCP, we will upgrade you to the lactation consultant training)


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