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You have taken all the classes, and are now ready to get out there and help all those parents, and then arrrghhh – what to do? How to put yourself out there? Where should you be getting started with marketing your antenatal training business? 

Well that is where I am here to help. I have teamed up with Lizzie and the team at Antenatal Training International to put together a regular marketing support system to help you with getting visible with your brand so that you can reach your perfect customers and get growing your business. I’m Pamela, your digital marketing expert, and together we can formulate a strategy to help you not just start a business, but build a long lasting, impactful, brand.

Your marketing strategy needs to incorporate a number of key elements – let’s explore these and then you can look forward to learning these in more detail in our monthly marketing sessions.

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Three key visibity strds


Your website; your email marketing and your approach with social media all form the content you produce that can attract, engage and convert your ideal clients. We will hone in on all the areas of content marketing that can drive your business, build a loyal following and generate bookings.

General Marketing Activity

Growing your brand both online and offline with intentional activity will help you to establish your brand and build a reputation in your field. From initiatives such as PR and events, through to physical marketing materials to support your promotions, these are essential for your strategy.


Paid advertising options are a powerful tool to amplify your marketing strategy. Whether it’s through targeted social media ads, search engine marketing, or direct advertising, investing in paid channels allows you to reach a wider audience and drive traffic to your business for more bookings.

Lifeme acce to mketg spt

Lifetime access to monthly tutorials covering all these topics and more is included within the Diplomas…

In this whistle stop tour of all things marketing I have taken a surface level look at the areas you will need to consider when getting your business visible online. During your programme I will be conducting a live masterclass each month to help you with your online visibility – and you have the power to shape these sessions depending on what you need to learn.

I am really looking forward to supporting you on your journey to having a successful and high impact business. Drop me a message if you have any questions…


Continuous Improvement

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Build Your

As you work through your course we send you fortnightly marketing emails to help you create your business as you learn.

This is in addition to the marketing modules, where the assignments are things like designing your logo and business name, setting up your social media and websites. Step by step guides and feedback make a huge and daunting topic simple and easy. This means that when you are ready to start teaching your business is set up and ready to fly!

Post Qualification

The community hub is a support group designed to help you carve out your place in the birth world and keep you automatically updated on developments.

The Hub consists of CPD video training which covers everything from websites, marketing, copywriting, to newly published birth evidence and reflections.

You can ask for help, discuss political birth issues, reflect, offload thoughts, gain emotional support – the list is endless!

Create A

Now is your time… Empower Expectant Parents, Build a Sustainable Income, Make a Local Impact

By sharing your powerful skills and techniques to parents and offering support during this pivotal time, you’ll not only build a sustainable career but also leave a legacy of informed and connected families within your local area. With growing demand for the exact skills you have to offer, you can make this the year that you help to change the narrative when it comes to childbirth education.

L‘s rewte the nrave...

Don’t wait any longer to make a positive impact on the lives of parents-to-be. Enrol in one of our accredited antenatal educator courses today. By taking this important step, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide modern, evidence-based guidance to expectant parents, helping them navigate the exciting but challenging path to parenthood.

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