Getting started with marketing your antenatal training business…

Getting started with marketing your antenatal training business…

Getting the right marketing support for your antenatal education business is crucial to your success.


This article on getting started with marketing your antenatal training business is brought to you from Pamela Rae-Welsh. 

Pamela is an online visibility specialist and founder of Worsley Creative, a digital marketing studio for purpose led entrepreneurs. Passionate about supporting small business owners with getting seen online without the sleaze, jargon or huge ad spend, Pamela helps entrepreneurs who want to pursue marketing activities which are authentic to their vision, values and ambition.

Pamela spends her time either in rural Oxfordshire surrounded by horses and dogs, or in the bustling metropole of Manchester, although she works with purpose led brands across the world. You can reach Pamela at or follow her on socials @worsley_creative.

She is the lead tutor for Antenatal Training Uks Marketing modules.

You would think that investing in the training to become an educator in the antenatal world would be the hard part.

You have taken all the classes, and are now ready to get out there and help all those parents, and then arrrghhh – what to do? How to put yourself out there? Where should you be getting started with marketing your antenatal training business? 

Well that is where I am here to help. I have teamed up with Lizzie and the team at Antenatal Training UK to put together a regular marketing support system to help you with getting visible with your brand so that you can reach your perfect customers and get growing your business.

What you need to think about:

  • Your ideal client
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Website
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Advertising

Let’s explore these briefly – and what we will cover across your monthly live tutorials …

Your ideal client 

Defining your ideal client is essential when it comes to creating an effective marketing plan for your new business. Your ideal client is the person that is perfectly matched to your service offering – and you should try to build as much of a profile on them as possible so that you can laser in on your marketing efforts.

Your branding 

Making yourself instantly recognisable to your ideal clients will make your life easier when it comes to marketing. By creating a consistent voice and visual identity your clients will be able to distinguish your content from your competition – which is the name of the game when it comes to social media and capturing peoples attention.


The key to any successful marketing campaign for small business owners is to have a strategy. Knowing what activities to be doing, when to do them, how to measure them and where you should be focussing your efforts is going to optimise both your time and your efforts.


Normally the topic that has a lot of people running for the hills because it sounds technical, I am on a mission to change the way small business owners think about their website. You don’t need to have a degree in tech or be really computer savvy to create a website that can bring you targeted traffic to your business, and with up to 6 billion google searches being conducted each day – you should want some of that traffic! The first tip is to find the right website platform that will meet your needs and then create a strategy that will get your content seen by your target clients, something I specialise in helping small business owners with.

Email Marketing

When you start to Google things like marketing they will give you lots of buzz words, and IP is one of those buzzwords. Simply put IP is intellectual property – assets which are not as visual as your birthing kit but can be really influential in how successful your business is. Getting the email addresses of your prospective clients, and using email marketing is such a powerful tool for driving sales, growth and impact. Unfortunately it is one of the most underutilised areas of online visibility – but it doesn’t have to be. Getting a system together for email marketing can really help to drive your business and reduce your reliance on social media – which is definitely not an asset set that you own…

Social Media 

Social Media is the typical default for all small business owners to go flocking to when they start their own business and want to get the word out. The problem is just that – everyone flocks to social media to promote their business. Add into that a growing number of platforms available and it can feel really difficult to know where to start with social media marketing. To get you focussed first off – think about where your ideal client hangs out when they engage on socials. Are they typically on Facebook? Or do they scroll Instagram? Is Snapchat their channel of choice? Or perhaps they are addicted to pinning on Pinterest? To get started with your social media marketing, find out where your clients are – and then get obsessive about that platform.


Online networking can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing your antenatal business. The leverage you can glean from building connections, getting referrals and recommendations can make a substantial difference to how quickly you can grow your visibility and sales. To start networking think about your immediate circle (including your learning group on your diploma!) and then widen out to other childbirth and family related niches.


In really competitive spaces you may need to think about paid advertising to help get your business seen. Don’t be daunted by what looks like complicated systems, you can get started with Google Ads and social media Ads relatively quickly – you just need to commit to learning the system and paying very strict attention to your performance, which you will want to do anyway seen as its your hard earned money!

Lifetime access to monthly tutorials covering all these topics and more is included within the Diplomas!

In this whistle stop tour of all things marketing I have taken a surface level look at the areas you will need to consider when getting your business visible online. During your programme I will be conducting a live masterclass each month to help you with your online visibility – and you have the power to shape these sessions depending on what you need to learn. I am really looking forward to supporting you on your journey to having a successful and high impact business. Drop me a message if you have any questions…

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