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Loie HoldSuffolk

In 2018, I became a qualified midwife, embarking on a journey that would ignite a passion for top quality and individualised care for women in the perinatal period. But I soon realised that women often lacked the vital support they needed during their pregnancy and postnatal journey. This inspired me to step outside the hospital walls and offer support ‘in the field’, leading me to create Bloom! (

Having always been passionate about fitness and recognising the incredible benefits of exercise during pregnancy, I first obtained my qualification as a pre and postnatal fitness instructor. Since then, I have been holding weekly antenatal and postnatal fitness classes in Suffolk. Later on, I went on to study full-time as an antenatal educator and breastfeeding counsellor with Antenatal Training International, which now takes up a significant portion of my time. 

With Bloom, my ultimate goal is to provide a nurturing and safe environment where parents can participate in informative, enjoyable, and empowering classes. Antenatal Training International has helped me achieve this and I’m so proud of what I’ve manged to do with the right support.

Abby Msden – Egypt

“I am really excited at the opportunities that are opening up”


Abby Marsden started by simply visiting the oasis and building closer relationships with the local women and children. In the Siwan culture  gender-segregation is high and the culture is very conservative making health education extremely difficult. In the past, official projects were initiated but they were all stopped.


“I very much hope that with a more grassroot approach, I can start something that lasts.”

After establishing trust, Abby prepared a session on pregnancy and birth, which was well attended and appreciated. Although parents often have larger families and most often homebirths due to the implications of seeking medical support and needing a male to attend these visits, birth education is non existent. She explains this is similar situation for breastfeeding. Mothers often adding in other things to the milk and the weaned children are often malnourished.


Find out more about some of the women and children Abby has been able to support, and how you can get involved with this important work that is literally changing lives…


Working in the Siwan culture

Natal Wisdom

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Susne JagNway

“By the time I had finished training, I was so confident”

I spent 20 years as a tax advisor but my passion lay in birth education. I didn’t have any prior experience in teaching, nursing, or midwifery, and reading loads of books about childbirth, does not transform you into an educator nor a business woman, so I was apprehensive.
However, after talking to Lizzie, I decided to take the leap!  I enrolled in the Antenatal teacher training because it would not only provide me with the relevant knowledge about childbirth but would also cover the skills I needed to teach adults and make my business a success. One of the things I really liked about the training is that it taught me to critically read and evaluate research. This is really important for me, because so many classes contain outdated and potentially dangerous information.

“I wanted to provide parents with the highest quality information”

I was able to set-up my classes from scratch step-by-step, while doing the training, Antenatal training international really helped to kick-start my business ( with the various marketing tutorials that I did throughout my training and will continue to do afterwards. 
It took me serious time and effort to complete the full training, but I feel this was definitely worth it. Already after my first round of antenatal classes, parents were providing very positive feedback both on the content of my classes and on my teaching style and professionalism. 
I really love teaching childbirth classes, and I am absolutely happy that I took this big step. 

Chloe Baptia – Bus

“Antenatal Education matters, but getting it right, matters even more”


As soon as I enrolled on my BSc Midwifery degree at the age of 19 I knew I had fallen in love with a career that was going to be a lifelong learning curve. Since then I’ve gone onto qualify as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, whereby I continued to work hybrid as a midwife and health visitor.

Part of my role was running antenatal classes in a West London hospital, but despite my professional knowledge as a midwife and health visitor I knew that as antenatal education changes lives and changes the birth story, I needed to do the best I could for my parents – and that meant getting trained in this area.

The reason I have reached out to study and complete an Antenatal Training course is so that I can further my knowledge, run classes the best way possible to provide expectant parents and parents with the exact information they require, which will be presented in a way that is perfect for them.

After doing much research in this field, I found Antenatal Training International and their Advanced Diploma in Childbirth Education ticked all the right boxes. Speaking to Lizzie about the diploma  lit a fire inside of me.


” A fire about getting the right preparation and a fire about what really matters in classes”


I now run antenatal and postnatal classes confident that my parent’s knowledge and skills are increased as a result of everything that I have learnt!

Chloe antenetal teacher training

Chloe’s Classes

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