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Hypnobirthing is all about understanding the interplay between the mind and hormones, how this affects labour and most importantly how we can manipulate this to produce a positive, empowered birth – for both parents! No matter what type of birth they are interested in having, or even end up having.

This incredibly powerful technique has proven benefits including reduced reliance on pain relief, more settled mother and baby and reduction in mental health problems and yet it continues to be sidelined or discounted by many training organisations.  

This is possibly because one of the main issues is that most programs teach deep relaxation – not hypnosis! A lovely script, set to lovely music which does help a parent relax and the hormones flow more –  but you see Hypnosis is actually a way to “reprogramme the mind” reframe negative thought patterns and subconscious beliefs that influence hormones and labour. To do this you need to use and understand language and wave patterns alongside the more commonly used storytelling and breathing to bypass a lifetime of labour scare stories. 

Which is why our lovely Ruth (a clinical hypnotherapist), and Mia (clinical psychologist) collaborated to teach our diplomas! We also have a full library of scripts and recordings for a full range of circumstances, all which can also be re-recorded in your own voice so that your parents have the best experience and outcomes. 

Can you imagine a role where you impact on a birth experience in a triple effect – mental weelbeing, 

Oh and did you know that hypnosis can increase the immunology, quantity and fat content of breastmilk when done properly! (so that’s four ways really!)




Hypnobirthing Teacher Diploma


Is This Y?

  • Your passion lies around the  psychology of birth and the  ways hypnosis can facilitate all manor of different births in a positive way. 
  • You understand that previous trauma, fear and anxiety are rising in expectant parents, and believe that these techniques can support a parent to overcome mental barriers to their birth. You want to use these techniques to not only support birth but mental health too. 
  • You know that hypnobirthing really aligns with your desire to bring a mind-body connection to your work. To educate around childbirth in a more holistic way.
  • You want the flexibility to run your classes, your way, but have the backing of a large community of support and it would be great if you were given loads of resources so that you could just get started, without worrying about creating your own.  You can get to that later.
  • You are looking for career where you finish the day relaxed and refreshed, ready to give that energy back to your family.

Why y shld bece a Hypnobiring Tch

Thanks to mainstream media and our friends having the propensity to feed us horror stories, has left pregnant couples feeling anxious and fearful of what’s to come in the lead-up to the birth of their baby, unable to enjoy pregnancy, and feeling like they’re missing out. Unfortunately, as mentioned above this can cause the body to produce the wrong hormones at the most inopportune moment, in turn causing pain and complications!

Your role as a hypnobirthing teacher is to guide both partners to better prepare them for birth. This birth could be an induction, could be a cesarean section – hypnobirthing is for every parent, every baby, every birth!

Your hypnobirthing teacher training with Antenatal Training International, allows you to meet the individual needs of the parents best, whilst ensuring your reputation, your success, and your ability to truly help and support your families.

The inclusion of Mindfulness and Reframing along with diversity training supports you in assisting parents who may find they do not “get on” with hypnobirthing, for example, parents with autism. Having these techniques and tools up your sleeve, ready to go ensures that whatever parent attends your class, and however they experience it, you can support them in achieving their goals.

This Hypnobirthing Teacher Training course is suitable for those just starting out, you do not need any prior experience or knowledge to enroll with us! 


Wh‘s cluded yr Hypnobirg Tch Trng?


Wh will you learn as a  Hypnobiring Tcher ?


Want to learn more about the modules? Fill in the form below to receive the module download as soon as we release 


Unconscious Competence

We are all born with skills that happen automatically – like breathing and giving birth. As we grow we absorb new skills and knowledge, some of which replace or “unlearn” our natural unconscious competence.


Stories &

Stories we have picked up on since childhood, the media even Hollywood all playa role on  the subconscious perception of birth. Lets undo all that nonsense! 


Anchoring & Reframing

Anchoring is perhaps the most useful tool a hypnotherapist has at their disposal. Quick and simple and extremely effective, learn how to induce a particular state of mind, and release particular hormones, all when needed at a precise moment. An amazing tool that brings the partner to the front of the support circle.

Taking Control


There are around 10 different breathing techniques a parent can use to support their labour. We teach you how to tie a particular technique to a response to create a handy anchor


Using Mindfulness & Affirmations

Not all brains are equal, and that means that not all brains are actually suitable for hypnosis or standard affirmations! Learn simple ways you can identify which brain is which during your hypnobirthing classes to see how to adjust what you are teaching. Support parents with mindfulness techniques and writing their own affirmation that actually WORK.


Recordings & Scripts

Learn how to create your own scripts, or gain access to a huge library of scripts and recordings for various circumstances and be able to request the creation of new scripts to fully support your parents as individuals – Utterly unique to any hypnobirthing training on the market! No more cookie-cutter classes.

Oh and yes you are welcome to record them in your own voice.


Modern & Primal Brains

Oh that pesky modern brain really gets in the way! Shut it off!! Yep the animal brain is what we need for birth, see what the difference is and how to activate and shut down the parts of the brain we really don’t need at certain times.

You have probably hear that hypnobirthing can make labour pain free? But for other’s it still “hurt” quite a bit? Everyone responds differently to hypnobirthing, but a really useful tool is the manipulation of the perception of pain, for a comfortable experience, all round.

Going Further

Hypnosis & Deepeners

The majority of hypnobirthing classes are simply deep breathing, with some nice relaxation scripts. Whilst great for a lot of parents, it doesn’t really do what it says on the tin, and many find the techniques “nice but didn’t really work” – why? One of the main reasons is that it wasn’t hypnosis.

Another reason is that perhaps a parent needs extra support to go deeper  or there maybe a subconscious “blocks”  in the way which is where deepeners and fear releases techniques come in to adjust the bodies automatic responses           

Mental Wellbeing

antenatal-teacher-training-mental health support
Perinatal Mental Health Educator

As cases of birth trauma and mental health issues among parents increase,  simply teaching your parents about the signs, symptoms and signposting becomes woefully inadequate. Deep dive into the evidence base behind clinical psychology and a wealth of cultural practices, emphasising self-led holistic approaches such as journaling, yoga, shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), art therapy, and nature based activities to enhance emotional wellbeing.

This module not only enriches your classes and that of your parents experiences but also awards an additional certification, positioning you as a well-rounded  hypnobirthing teacher, and a Perinatal Mental Health Practitioner! 


  • Explore the various types of mental health issues and their epigenetic effects.
  • Learn about both the science and holistic side of mental wellbeing
  • Come away with teaching plans ready to incorporate these topics into your hypnobirthing classes

Partners’ Matter

In Focus

This module will help you understand the neurological and biological changes partners experience during pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. It delves into the psychological impacts of birth on partners, highlighting the unique challenges they face and the effects on mental health, relationship dynamics, and bonding with the child. Additionally, it examines the differences between passive and active support and communication, and how these factors influence informed choices.

Ethnicity to Neuro

Vulnerable Communities

Industry research, including studies by MBRRACE, The Dignity Experience of Disabled Women, and ITEMS, reveals the significant impact of inequalities and biases faced by ethnic, LGBTQ+, and differently-abled parents. This module also addresses neurodiversity, including ADHD and autism, and looks at why merely adjusting language and images in Hypnobirthing classes doesn’t go far enough. 


  • Differentiating between allyship and acceptance.
  • Identifying appropriate terminology and effective communication strategies.
  • Using inclusive branding and clear signposting.
  • Understanding the challenges these families face and developing tailored support strategies.
  • Exploring neurodiversity to  design adaptive and more effective hynobirthing courses.

Engage & Learn

Hypnobirthing Teaching Skills

This stand-alone qualification develops your communication skills, confidence, and expertise to guide groups of expectant parents through pregnancy and parenthood. It delves into various hypnobirthing teaching methods, ensuring your lessons are engaging and effective.

Key highlights of the course include:

  • Understanding the psychology of adult learning and educational theories.
  • Distinguishing between teaching, coaching, and facilitating.
  • Employing active teaching methods to make classes engaging.
  • Integrating learning aims and outcomes for impactful lessons.
  • Designing, practicing, and evaluating courses for diverse settings, including online and private.
  • Includes lesson and course plans, and templates.


Safeguarding Adults & Babies

Safeguarding is essential for protecting yourself, as well as the parents and babies with whom you work. It underscores the importance of maintaining safety and enhancing the well-being of all involved, thus establishing a secure environment conducive to learning and development. This module will equip you with the skills to detect signs of harm, abuse, and neglect, and to provide effective support and guidance. A template for a safeguarding policy is also included to facilitate the implementation of these practices.


  • Recognise and comprehend the fundamental principles of safeguarding for both parents and babies within educational contexts.
  • Develop capabilities to foster a safe, welcoming atmosphere for classes, with an emphasis on privacy, respect, and emotional support.
  • Acquire the ability to identify and react appropriately to any indications of discomfort or distress in parents and babies, ensuring their continuous well-being.
  • Become proficient in applying safety protocols, including the prevention of environmental hazards, adherence to hygiene standards, and maintaining respectful, consent-based interactions with both parents and infants.


These extra modules included

Time to Sleuth

Research & Informed Choice

Research is fundamentally about posing questions, each contributing to a broader understanding.  Through real-life scenarios, the module helps in understanding research,  and delves into the realities of evidence-based care and informed choice.

If you love juicy ethical debates, your gonna love this!


  • Master the skill of analysing research to use reliable sources for your hypnobirthing classes
  • Explore how evidence-based care and the FAME model affect parental care.
  • Detail the external factors that influence informed decision-making, such as the NHS framework and professional burnout.
  • Implement the MINI BARR strategy to support parents in making well-informed decisions.
  • Comprehend how research and evidence transform into guidelines and policies, influencing the care and guidance provided to parents.
  • Training also covers coercion, birthing rights, and advanced communication techniques for hypnobirthing educators.

Be the best!


Reflective practice forms the foundation of both personal and professional enhancement for hypnobirthing teachers. This module provides the necessary tools and insights to transform experiences into valuable learning opportunities. It features interactive content, real-life case studies, and hands-on exercises, designed to help you understand the impact of your previous experiences, beliefs, and values on your current and future hypnobirthing teaching quality.


  • Grasp the concept of reflection and its significance.
  • Utilise evidence to enrich your reflective practices.
  • Examine reflection cycles and recognise the barriers and limitations
  • Identify obstacles to effective reflection.

Lifetime Support

The Pros and Cons of Workshops vs. Online Learning for Aspiring Childbirth Educators

Marketing is far more than  displaying posters or frequent social media posting. This module delves into understanding what your clients truly seek and how to communicate effectively, making them willing to travel two hours to attend your hypnobirthing classes!  This module helps you to grow and to develop and grow your business from the start of your studies, so when you qualify – you can fly! additionally you will receive continuous support, including lifetime access to expert guidance and updated training and resources, ensuring that your skills and knowledge remain sharp in this rapidly evolving  landscape.


  • Acquire advanced marketing skills such as managing social media, utilising Google ads, enhancing websites with SEO, and mastering copywriting, blogging, and sales funnels.
  • Benefit from practical tools such as social media templates, worksheet prompts, and checklists that facilitate the straightforward setup of your business.
  • Investigate the essence of your brand’s voice and image, and understand how to craft copy that appeals to your ideal client without resorting to  “tactics”.


Safeguarding Adults & Babies

Safeguarding is essential for protecting yourself, as well as the parents and babies with whom you work. It underscores the importance of maintaining safety and enhancing the well-being of all involved, thus establishing a secure environment conducive to learning and development. This module will equip you with the skills to detect signs of harm, abuse, and neglect, and to provide effective support and guidance. A template for a safeguarding policy is also included to facilitate the implementation of these practices.


  • Recognise and comprehend the fundamental principles of safeguarding for both parents and babies within educational contexts.
  • Develop capabilities to foster a safe, welcoming atmosphere for classes, with an emphasis on privacy, respect, and emotional support.
  • Acquire the ability to identify and react appropriately to any indications of discomfort or distress in parents and babies, ensuring their continuous well-being.
  • Become proficient in applying safety protocols, including the prevention of environmental hazards, adherence to hygiene standards, and maintaining respectful, consent-based interactions with both parents and infants.

Kd Wds fr r Communy

” I really enjoyed and appreciated the in-depth discussion of NLP and techniques related to it, such as anchoring and clinical hypnotherapy, which greatly enhanced my understanding of hypnobirthing.  I also love the practical units/demonstrations when Ruth leads us through the hypnosis sessions – an excellent template for when we are going on to teach hypnobirthing ourselves.
Other positive points I’m taking away from this are the techniques to work through fear (EFT), Thank you, Ruth! “

Jody Fch

Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Education Diplomas

4 simple sts  yr Care

Learn Your

Progress through the online modules and tutorials at your own pace, whenever it suits you. The content is divided into manageable, bite-sized sections, making it easy to fit your studies around your personal schedule and proceed through the course efficiently.

The course offers a variety of materials including videos, animations, workbooks, puzzles, podcasts, and blogs to suit different learning preferences. There’s no reliance on endless PowerPoint presentations here!

With our “Earn as you Learn” approach, you could start teaching in as little as eight weeks!

Apply Your Knowledge

Participate in live weekly tutorials led by module leaders to help you transfer your new skills into real-world settings.

Through the use of scenarios, case studies, and ethical debates, you will enhance your understanding and take your learning further.

The course also includes topics such as establishing your hypnobirthing teaching practice, developing lesson plans, and opportunities for practicing online teaching.

If you miss a session or can’t attend live, you can always catch up by watching the replay!

Practice Your Skills

Our workshops are crafted to enhance your hypnobirthing teaching and communication abilities while boosting your confidence. Additionally, a photographer and videographer will be available so you can grab some pro shots and content  for your socials!

Attendance at these workshops is optional, and they are not required for you to complete your qualification.

Information regarding the workshops will be provided towards the end of your training. The locations and dates may vary, but they typically take place in the Spring or Autumn in the Midlands.

Elevate Your Career

Gain lifetime access to the hypnobirthing teacher training course, including all updates and live tutorials, enabling you to refresh your knowledge and stay current at your convenience.

Additionally, you’ll receive complimentary, ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to keep you abreast of the latest trends in your industry as well as in social media and marketing.

For our Advanced Diploma Students, we also offer extra FREE sessions on mindset and CEO strategies, providing strategy, gentle accountability, and support to ensure your success – for life!

Rdy  rol?

Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

Course Investment

Payment Options


Save thousands!

Combine Diplomas

Wh y cld rn aer dog yr Hypnobirthing Tch Trng

Your earning range is around £2600

Your earning potential is £900

You earning range is around £275

Kd Wds fr r Communy

“Lots of really great content  – I know now why affirmations don’t work for me, so I’m quite excited to teach this to my Parents’ and help them write their own! Having all the scripts and recordings ready with the lesson plans and worksheets makes starting so much easier. I will adapt them eventually but for now, I will just get started.

P.s Ruth’s voice is so soothing! “

Abigl Wyt

Hypnobirthing Teacher 



Advced Dipla in e 1001 days 

This Diploma encompasses all five of our mainstream diplomas PLUS qualifies you as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, and a Perinatal Mental Health Supporter. (If you are a Midwife, Nurse or medically qualified HCP, we will upgrade you to the lactation consultant training)


Yr pce of md


Satisfaction or your money back!

Receive a full refund, no questions asked. Just send us an email with your request within 14 days of enrolment, and we will process a complete refund for your Hypnobirthing Teacher Training.


Westminster Insurance Affiliation

Antenatal Training International has achieved affiliation with Westminster Insurance, a testament to the exceptional quality of our courses. This alliance ensures that all our students are eligible for coverage at a discounted rate in every area we provide training.


Qualification Guarantee

With a variety of policies in place to tailor the course to your requirements, we promise you  you will successfully complete your Hypnobirthing Teacher Training.



Professional Recognition

The Complementary Medical Association (CMA) promotes natural healthcare worldwide, advocating for our rights and our parents at governmental level. As a member, you are entitled to use the MCMA after your name, distinguishing you from your competitors. Additionally, you can list your hypnobirthing classes on the CMA website to gain further exposure.

Yr questions Answered…

None! Your qualification doesn’t “run out”, it doesn’t need renewing, you are not tied to any licencing or membership. After the Hypnobirthing Teacher Training you are an independent practitioner.   

Anywhere you deem suitable. This maybe your home, it maybe a community centre – I’ve even taught in a yurt, wedding venues and a boat!  Inside the hypnobirthing teacher training you will  discover lots of tips on how to choose venues, how to manipulate venues – even how to source venues depending on the weather and season!! Intrigued much? lol

Its certainly unusual I will grant you that, but in reality all birth workers, no matter what specialist area they work in, are by nature and need, evidenced based. I have come across accredited training which not only was a loads of twoddle, but also highly dangerous – why? because the teacher in question had no idea about research (or no interest in keeping up to date). 

As for the other more unusual modules – well again, its not just about the birthing person, its not just about the neuro typical parent, to give well rounded brilliant classes you need to be able to flex and adapt to all parents needs. 


Your training consists of  the online self paced modules, as well as a series of live tutorials on all manor of subjects. 

Each tutorial is between 1 and 2 hours enabling you to fit this round your schedule and you can pick and choose which ones, and how many you come too. 

We also don’t insist you join of these live, as they are recorded, and we recognise that 7pm UK is probably 3am for some of our students!

These tutorials are a mix of support, chances to get questions answered and to discuss your learnings and insights. 

After your Hypnobirthing Teacher Training, theses tutorials can continue fo you wish! Just because you’ve qualified done mean we remove the live support.

We also have a Facebook group and CPD opportunities for mentorship  lead by the team and guest experts. 

Its very understandable to be nervous – after all learning online is very different to teaching a groups of strangers in person!

ATI gives you the chance to learn and practice hot to tach in variety of different ways – from online live and recorded sessions, to our workshops that help you develop your skills in private and group classes.

We even take you though the different skill set in running retreats and community events! 

So no matter how you want to teach your classes you are covered with plenty of chances to practice.

There are three main reasons really.

The first is the way we teach you – to consciously consider and design your lessons – how you want them to be.  We don’t teach you to teach “our way”. We encourage and support you to explore the way that feels right for you and your parents’.

Of course we have so many resources included in your Hypnobirthing Teacher training that, you can if you want just pick these up and run with them. Whatever is right for you!

The second thing is our vision to see Hypnobirthing Teachers  recognised as a valuable part of a parents maternity team. To see them recognised as the expert professional we train you to be. This means out training is so levelled up you will be able to take great pride in your work but also stand shoulder to shoulder with other professionals (as one student said I could “hold my own”)

And lastly but most importantly our 6 pillars. Combining holistic and evidenced based care to impact on a parents emotional and metal wellbeing is THE core reason why ATI exists, with hypnobirthing being 1 of the 6 pillars! Go beyond simply being a Hypnobirthing Teacher.


Yes, Yes you can!

Ok so lest start with out ongoing extensive marketing training and support. Getting you up and running with your brand, your message and marketing from the moment you enrol – but importantly KEEPING it going beyond qualification!

Instagram likes dropped off a cliff, TikTok reel showing to 3 people (and ones your Gran)? Pop onto a tutorial and gets Pamela’s eyes directly on your feed and  fix the problem!

Lifetime support and lifetime updates for an ever changing, and frankly often confusing part to your business. 

If you don’t have the time to market your classes or simply don’t want to bother with it (who could blame you!) you also have the choice to teach for your UK wide agency BirthWorld CIC. Gain clients on autopilot and just turn up and teach!

Birth World

Well to be honest you don’t know until you try. We wont be for everyone admittedly, and nor do we try.

But to help you decide, we do have a taster experience so you can have a go at some of the modules, see our workbooks and generally see how the backend fits together. 

Just pop to the link below to take a look.

Free Taster Course Experience – Antenatal Training International (antenatal-training.com)

But we also offer a 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you sign up and its not for you, just let us know and we will pop your money back into your account with no deductions and absolutely no risk.


No absolutely not. There are no entry requirements.

We will support anyone to become the wonderful hypnobirthing teacher they can be.

Our training will take you from ground zero to full fledged professional Hypnobirthing Teacher 

Depending on your circumstances – yes.

Because BirthWorld is a CIC we have the ability to apply for grants and funding for our students to cover their training and business support.

Find out more here… Grants & Funding


Not as such, no

The big problem is that there is a lot of substandard teaching out there, and we cant be sure exactly what is and isn’t in other trainings. 

So to level the playing field, we don’t do a “conversion course”, instead what we do is recognise your prior learning and offer a 30% discount! Simply send us your certificate to receive a discount code.

Rdy to stt yr Hypnobirthg Tcher Traing?

Let’s change the childbirth narrative together! Unlock the gateway to a fulfilling career and endless possibilities with our unique Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Diploma. Take the first step towards becoming an expert in the field of hypnobirthing teaching and seize the ultimate business and career opportunity today. Enrol now and be a part of the movement to reshape the future of hypnobirthing education in the UK!

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