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Discovering if there is financial support for your Antenatal Training Diploma journey can help to accelerate the achievement of your goals. There are a number of grants and funding opportunities available, but they can vary based on your location and individual circumstances. Through our mentoring service, our team can  guide you through the various pathways to funding, helping you explore options tailored to your needs.

If you’re currently employed, don’t forget to enquire with your employer about Learning and Development (L&D) funding, as many companies offer support for professional development. We’re committed to assisting you in finding the financial resources to make your Antenatal Training Diploma dreams a reality – and financial hardship is something we don’t believe should be something that prevents you helping us to change the narrative when it comes to antenatal education. 

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If you are registered unemployed and receive benefits you may be able to get funding through the Department of Work and Pensions

You will need to request an interview your work coach and request they apply for funding and put in a “Request for Quote”  through “Low Value Provision Training”. If they are unaware of this route please ask them to speak to a with a Job Centre Supervisor or another colleague.  They need to satisfied that you will gain work following the course, and that it can be completed quickly. Because of this we  we recommend that you apply for the Accelerator  Advanced Diploma. You can tell them this will lead to a teaching contract with BirthWorld CIC as well as the ability to apply for jobs within the NHS.  You will need to tell them the company is registered under BirthWorld CIC and our D-U-N-S® Number is 228128127.
We are unable to comment on your eligibility, but will be very happy to assist your work coach with the application. 

Visit their website for more information 


City & Guilds 

Cy & Glds Fodati

The City and Guilds Foundation is a UK-based organisation that is dedicated to supporting individuals in their pursuit of education and skills development. Established with a strong commitment to the principles of vocational and technical education, the foundation aims to empower people from diverse backgrounds by providing them with opportunities to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.

You can find out more about their bursary scheme and what you may be eligible for by visiting their website.

visit their website for more information 


Turn 2 Us

Tn 2 Us

Turn2Us is a national charity whose aim is to provide support guidance on a range of issues, including financial support those those in need.

They are not just there for helping with course costs but also the cost of living. So its worth checking in with them to see how they could support your other bills, which may free up more money to study.

Visit their website for more information 


GOV.UK have many different learning grants and loans available to support you with undertaking your antenatal training programme. 

You maybe able to get help with not just the course fees, but also childcare, living costs and learning materials.  

Visit their website for more information 


The Princes Trust

The Prces Tru 

The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity founded by HRH King Charles. It is dedicated to transforming the lives of young people facing challenges by providing them with support, education, and employment opportunities.

Through mentoring, training, and financial assistance, the trust helps young individuals gain skills and confidence, enabling them to achieve their full potential and create a brighter future. 

If you are aged 16-30 you may be eligible for support.

Visit the website for more information 

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