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You’ve probably got a million questions and it’s great you are taking your time in making your choice about the best antenatal training course for you. That is great news for us,  because you need to be absolutely sure that the training you choose will deliver what you need, in the way that suits you. This is a big investment in finance and time, but also into your future, and we recognise that you need to get this right!

Take our free training and you can experience the quality of our curriculum, the interactivity and the joy you’ll get from taking one of our programmes.






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To help you to make the right decision on which course to choose – we have a range of free resources available to you. From choosing a pathway, to 30 questions to ask your provider, how to maximise your earning potential and loads more, and yes we offer a rock-solid, no quibble guarantee, with absolutely no small print because we stand by our quality. However, we want to go a few steps further…

Come and take a look behind the scenes, try a few of the modules. See some of the videos, meet the tutors, view the PowerPoints, and try a few quizzes to see how it all works.

You will even see an example of one of the workbooks and see a module guide so you can look at some assignments too!

And you can put your card away. This isn’t one of those “try for free, but we will charge you in 30 days” schemes. I say you can have these units for free, then you can try them out for free. No catch.

We absolutely stand by our belief that this is one, if not the best training around and I genuinely want to prove to you just how much we can help you reach your goal, how prepared and confident you will be after qualifying.

These are real units from a range of different Diplomas – we cant wait for you to give them a try and then get started on your journey to becoming a childbirth educator today.



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Test Us, Try Us,
Love Us!

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