Turning your passion into your profession: The Advanced Diploma is the highest standard of professional qualification in childbirth education in the UK - with no less than 7 individual qualifications rolled into one.

Antenatal Educator Training to Sure Start
Trusted training provider to the NHS
and approved by

Advced Chdbir 
Educat Trng  the 1001 Days

Continuity of care matters for your parents, it matters for you career.

Grow your expertise and position yourself as THE go-to in childbirth education and care with 7 individual qualifications rolled into one Advanced Diploma

If you are serious about turning your passion for supporting parents into a well paid, highly-respected profession – and business, then this is for you!

Offering full-circle, evidence-based holistically led care to your parents you will be the “go-to” expert in your community, fully qualified to teach and support parents in the antenatal and postnatal periods to a standard of training that is unmatched in the industry.  

By offering services that support parents from early pregnancy right through the 1001 days, you know that you can greatly impact on their journey, their outcomes and their experience in away that no other Childbirth Educator could match. 

But..  you also want to increase your capacity to earn, flexibly on your own terms… and rightly so!


FROM 30 WEEKS – Begin practicing in as little as 8 weeks!


Advanced Childbirth Educator in the 1001 Days


You will receive individual certificates for each qualification plus the one shown


Do y wt to make a rl dierce as a chdbir educat?

Lottie Holder 

is helps me  pvide ctinuy of ce to my filies f as lg as ey need 

“In 2018, I qualified as a midwife, but knew that women often lacked the vital support they needed and the damage this caused. This inspired me to step outside the hospital walls and offer support “in the field”. I chose the Advanced Diploma because I wanted to complete my Childbirth Educator training and I loved that this helps me to provide continuity of care and support to my families for as long as they need it.  Childbirth education classes and breastfeeding now make up a significant portion of my business and they keep me so busy I haven’t yet finished the Advanced Diploma.  It’s good to know that I can take my time in finishing the Diploma while being able to teach and earn money”

Why take this 7 in 1 Advanced Diploma in Childbirth Educati

  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your community, with the training providers entrusted to train NHS midwives – and the only programme of its kind to be certified by City and Guilds
  • Expand your skills and qualifications from pregnancy through to early years so that you can provide continuity of care to your clients
  • Significantly extend your earning potential by increasing your skills and offering a wider range of support and classes
  • Grow your confidence and positioning as an Expert in the community and stand apart from other practitioners
  • Get over £3,000 of exclusive bonuses including your own website, your teaching kit and lifetime access to the Perinatal HiveMind Mentorship

AND save a further £2,400 compared to taking the certifications separately!


Your Own Business 

Yr 7-in-1 qualicati cludes


Childbirth Educator


Hypnobirthing Teacher


Postnatal Doula & Educator Specialist


Maternity Nurse & Educator Specialist






Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

Complex Needs


Kd Wds fr r Communy

“The quality and depth of the course has given me so much confidence. I recently wet to a maternity voices meeting and the Midwives there complimented me on my knowledge! It was great to be able to hold my own in a room full of other experts.”

Kie Wlis

Advanced Childbirth Educator & Practitioner in the 1001 Days 


Why now is the right time to take e advced chdbir 

Business in a Box!

Alongside your training we’ll give you everything you need to market and sell your services to clients so that you can grow your childbirth education business and step up as a professional

Lifetime Marketing Hub Worth £1,665+

Live monthly marketing tutorials and access to a vault of materials, and swipe files such as social media plans tips and trick, 365 content ideas, how to write pots and webpages to sell your courses, email templates using leadmagnets … and loads more!

With the fast-changing landscape this support is invaluable. It can feel daunting to look at building your own brand. We recognise it and want to help, and this programme of support can be a gamechanger.

Your Own Website Worth £1000+

A bespoke WordPress website, pre-loaded with your logos, colour, and fonts, so you can immediately start promoting your services. 

Training on maintaining and optimising your website and linking it to your social media accounts, GMB, GA4, and GSC to make you easy to get found on google

Already have a website? Great!  We can run an audit and help you improve it, to increase your visibility and bookings

Teaching Kit Worth Over £397!

Forget start-up costs and needing to source a teaching kit. 

Your childbirth education business will be plug-and-play ready with our full teaching kit which includes goodies such as a pelvis, labour lines, birth ball, pictures, teaching plans – everything you need to start teaching straight away

Perinatal HiveMind Membership

“The Perinatal HiveMind” provides continuous CPD, ensuring you remain abreast of the latest trends in both your industry and the ever-changing world of social media and marketing.

AND you’ll get specialist CEO sessions, offering mindset, strategic insights, gentle accountability, and the support needed for your business growth and success.

Addional bus wth £6500+

Your own Birthworld franchise...

If the idea of needing to establish your own brand and building a marketing plan is daunting, then we want to help. If you just want to turn up and teach then this is a great option – because all of our Diplomas give you the option to join the BirthWorld franchise – without any additional costs!

Free up your time and choices without compromising on your future. 


Your Own Business 

Wh cld y rn as  Advced Chdbir 

Ran over evenings, weekends or a mix,  with up to 10 couples per course: £2570

Ran over evenings, weekends or a mix,  with up to 10 couples per course: £2570

Expect to charge around £75 per couple for a sleep coaching class = £750 per class.

You will find that parents will also hire you privately for support at the cost of around £425 for a consultation and £45 per hourly follow up.  

This means that it is likely one couple could spend around £365 with you,

And if all the parent on your class took the extra services? This meaning one class has the potential income of around £3650!

You could charge between £30 and £45 for a 2hour course, per couple. 

If you decide to run postnatal or breastfeeding support group you could charge £15 per session, per parent, on a 6 week block basis.

Giving you an earning potential of  £900 per 6 week block

You can earn anything between £65- £125 depending on the level of your training

Charging £10 a session per parent/baby, will earn around £600 per 6 week block

Charging around £12 a hour per parent/baby will give you an income of  £720 per 6 week block 

-Sprg ’24 coht closes 11th June 2024! 

Enlmts Op nually Juary, Apr, Jy and Octob

Due to the high quality of this particular training, and our commitment to you, we only accept FIVE students per cohort. 

Enrolments close as soon as available places have been filled. Access to the online modules is immediate upon sign up.

Live tutorials start 4th June 2024 and run weekly at your convivence.

Rdy  rol?

Simply select which breastfeeding level you would like to have included within your Advanced Childbirth Educator Training

Breastfeeding Supporter

Payment Options

Breastfeeding Counsellor

Payment Options

Lactation Consultant

Payment Options

“Initially I felt very overwhelmed, but as it went along the support and layered learning made it all fall into place. My mind was constantly blown by the depth of what I was learning. I can see now what is missing from most classes now. It seems so obvious.” 

Kd Wds fr r Communy

Ta Qune

Advanced Childbirth Educator & Practitioner in the 1001 Days 


Is e advced diplght for y ?

Many childbirth educator training providers concentrate on just one area of the 1001 days. If they are experts in that area then that is great, but that does leave you in a position of going through the whole exciting, but mentally exhausting process of selecting courses every time you want to upgrade your training to the next level. With this sector requiring a life-long commitment to learning and incorporating new research, you’ll be needing to do that a lot.

Perhaps  you are going through this right now? How many companies offer what you are looking for? Then you have the difficulty of comparing the content of the courses: Can you trust the course to be of a good enough quality? Will it really fit around your life? Will you pass? What happens if you hate it? Life is just too short!

And let’s not forget that getting the qualification and creating a successful career are actually two different things! 

Let’s cut to the chase… 

Why not do one course that not only has all the qualifications you will require, but also all the marketing and mentorship support included. Forever. With all Antenatal Training International diplomas, you get lifetime access to the online content, and the live tutorials, as well as lifetime updates, but the Advanced Diploma goes further!

Sitting alongside this Diploma is free, ongoing CPD keeping you on top of the latest developments both in your industry and in the world of social media and marketing. 

Additionally, Mindset CEO sessions provide strategy, gentle accountability, and support to ensure your success.

This course offers so many options for your career -use this qualification to support your application to enter (or transition from) Midwifery, or perhaps take your IBCLC exam. You can operate independently, or become a BirthWorld Facilitator with our free franchise option and gain clients on autopilot – no marketing required!

Hi the, Im Lizzie.

When I saw the appalling conditions and care being offered to parents during their childbirth journey, and the resulting increases in mental health issues and birth trauma, I knew my path lay outside of Midwifery. I turned to childbirth education. After doing no less than FOUR “regulated” childbirth education training diplomas (two of which could have killed a mother or baby!) I gave up trying to find the “right” one that offered the depth, quality, and transformation that I sought for my parents. There was always so much missing. I knew there was a better way!

Over the past 10 years of research, I developed a unique 6 pillar system that has a dramatic positive impact on a parent’s emotional and mental well-being, leaving them supported and empowered every step. My classes sold out just through word of mouth, parents would travel over 2 hours to attend them, and the NHS and Sure Start jumped on board and asked me to train their midwives.

I am so proud of this diploma – from the structure, to the curriculum and the world-class business support. The childbirth educator advanced diploma is so needed in the maternal health space – and I am excited to work with you so that together we can help to redefine the narrative of childbirth!”

Are you ready to transform parents’ journeys?

Lizzie Zahoranska-Earle

4 simple steps to Your Career 

Learn Your

Work your way through the online modules and tutorials at your own pace, in your own time. Broken down into small bit sized chunks its easy to achieve this around your life and helps you work your way through the course in a time-sensitive manner.

Video, animations, workbooks, puzzles, audio casts, and blogs cater for every learning style. No “death by power-point” here!

Our “Earn as you Learn” process means you could be teaching in as little as 8 weeks!

Apply Your Knowledge

Live weekly tutorials with the module leaders will help you apply your new knowledge to working life situations.

Using scenarios, case studies and ethical discussions you will take your learning to the next level. 

Also covered are topics like  setting up your practice, discussing lesson plans and opportunities to practice online teaching are also included.

Missed one? Can’t attend live? Watch on replay!

Practice Your Skills

Our Workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills and build your confidence.  A  photographer and videographer will also be present to support you in building your brand presence! 

These are not compulsory and you do not need to attend to pass your Childbirth Educator Training.

Details are sent out towards the end of your training. Location / dates vary but is usually Spring or Autumn within the Midlands

Elevate Your Career

Lifetime access to the course,  all the updates AND the live tutorials allow you to refresh and keep updated whenever you wish. 

Sitting alongside this is FREE, ongoing CPD keeping you on top of the latest developments both in your industry and in the world of social media and marketing. 

Additionally, FREE Mindset CEO sessions provide strategy, gentle accountability, and support to ensure your success – For life!

Celebrating Your Success!

You’ve shown up and dedicated to being the best educator you can be – for yourself, for your families… Now its time to celebrate your future.

Following your workshop is a evening graduation ceremony and after party – yep with full on caps ‘n gowns, but what you choose to wear to the party is to you!



It’s Party Time! 

Yr pce of md


Satisfaction or your money back!

100% refunded, no questions asked. Simply email us with your request within 14 days of enrolling and we will issue you a full refund for your Advanced Childbirth Educator Training 


Westminster Insurance Affiliation

Antenatal Training International has gained affiliation with Westminster Insurance. This partnership has been awarded in recognition of our exceptional quality courses and ensures that all our students can be covered for a discounted fee in any area we train in! 


Qualification Guarantee

With multiple policies allowing us to adjust the course to suit your needs, we can promise that if you do the work, you will pass your Advanced Childbirth Educator Training



Professional Recognition

The CMA champions natural healthcare globally, advocating at government level for our rights and those of our parents. As a registrant, you can add MCMA to your name and access free and discounted CPD, setting your profession apart. Plus, list your classes on the CMA website for additional exposure.


Wh‘s cluded yr Advanced Childbirth Educator Diploma in the 1001 days?

advanced- childbirth-educator-training-success

Rdy to stt yr timate chdbirth educat ceer? 

Let’s change the narrative together! Unlock the gateway to a fulfilling career and endless possibilities with our 7-in-1 Advanced Childbirth Educator Diploma. Take the first step towards becoming an expert in the field of childbirth education and seize the ultimate business and career opportunity today. Enroll now and be a part of the movement to reshape the future of childbirth education in the UK!

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