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Help to take your parents on a journey...

Start your new career in just 8 weeks – or take your time. This fully flexible internally accredited qualification will give you the confidence, skills, and knowledge, to successfully run your own business as an Antenatal Educator.

With 12 modules covering all you need to equip you with the skills, expertise and techniques to support parents with a scientifically led, holistic approach, this diploma will spearhead the most rewarding career.




Antenatal Education Diploma


Is This Y?

  • You are mad keen on birth, watched most (if not all episodes) of Call the Midwife, or One born.. but for one reason or another Midwifery isn’t the right fit for you. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat right? (no cats were harmed making this diploma!)
  • You are seeking a flexible career that works around your family, so that your heart doesn’t sink like a soggy Yorkshire pudding come Sunday night, or you end up missing out on those important moments. 
  • Your personal experience shapes your desire to help, support and equip expectant parents with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their birth preferences, in an impartial manner, outside of “the system”.
  • You really want to run classes that are truly  impactful, knowing this comes from an interactive, discussion based format providing, hands-on activities, and practical exercises to help parents prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • You want your parents to not only gain confidence but be an active participant in their care, and help enhance communication with their healthcare  providers to improve their experience. 

Why y shld bece a Antenatal Tch

Thanks to the maternity services in the UK  facing severe staffing shortages, more parents are seeking private antenatal classes than ever before. 

Antenatal education plays a crucial role in preparing expectant parents for childbirth and parenthood and when done with careful and critical consideration, can build confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve outcomes for both parents and their baby. However with the varying standards of antenatal classes ranging from basic, to poor to even life threatening (and yes this was an accredited course), Parents are not just demanding more but are becoming very select about who they trust to support them in this time.

Which is why Antenatal Trainings International developed a unique 6 pillar system, not only to give the highest quality impactful classes, but the confidence to travel over 2 hours to attend these very special classes.  gives parents that total confidence.

This Antenatal Teacher Training course is suitable for those just starting out, you do not need any prior experience or knowledge to enrol with us! 


Wh‘s cluded yr Antal Tch Trng?


Kd Wds fr r Communy

“I did another antenatal educator course and had to walk away – it was awful, despite being accredited. This company was recommended to me and because of the money back guarantee I decided to give it a go. Loving it! Especially the live tutorials and the variety of learning materials. I feel mentally stretched and energised. Found my village! Thank you Lizzie.””

Recca Ingr

Antenatal Educator Diploma

Wh‘s side inside yr Antenal Tch Trng Dipla?


Want to learn more? Discover the highlights of each module, see the assignments and explore the different career pathways. 

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& Birth

This module will guide you through natural birth, as well as interventions and common issues that parents might face. However, it will also get you to question what topics should be included within an antenatal class and why. Critical examination of a parent’s needs, inform this module.


  • Enhance your knowledge of labour processes and mechanisms.
  • Investigate common obstetric interventions, including induction, postpartum haemorrhages, managed third stages, forceps and ventouse deliveries, Caesarean sections, and VBACs
  • Explore the 13 different types of pain management, pain gate theory and psychology of pain
  • Create diverse educational materials for your classes.
  • Equip parents with the information and support needed to make informed decisions about their birth and parenting choices.
  • Critically examine the content of classes and identify where improvements could be made


The Fourth Trimester

Focusing just on the parents, this module covers the transitional journey from birth to around 3 months old looking at the physical recovery, and the emotional changes that typically occur. This transition is sometimes tricky to navigate and usually full of anxiety. This module will support you in integrating this knowledge into your antenatal classes.


  • Understand and discuss the transition to parenthood and their new identities with your parents.
  • Managing emotions, visitors and expressing needs.
  • Conflict resolution and compassion within the partnership.
  • The importance of self-care and a postnatal plan.

There is a growing demand for postnatal-only focused groups in the antenatal period and postnatal Parent support Circles which go far deeper into the transition and experiences of a parent. Covering topics like the neuroscience and sleep hygiene of the parent. If you would like to add this to your services, check out the Postnatal Doula and Educator Specialist Diploma!

Maternity Care

Newborn Health & Wellbeing

You will learn all about the new-born needs, from transitioning from the uterus to the first hour of life, onto the 6th week. New-born illnesses are included in this module, as research shows, that the lives of babies could be saved if this was covered in antenatal teacher training.


  • Understand the physiological and neurological changes that occur during the transition from womb to world
  • Developmental milestones during the first six weeks of life
  • Supporting the general care of the newborn – such as nappy changing, bathing and safe sleeping and common new-born illnesses.
  • Investigate newborn skin including common aliments, care strategies and ways to enhance health, comfort, and well-being
  • Recognise and interpret communication cues and types of cry.

Feeding Choices

What is a breastfeeding peer supporter?
Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

This is another qualification in its own right! This comprehensive introduction to lactation covers everything from the basics of milk production to addressing common issues. Designed to give a deep understanding of both the biological and psychological aspects of lactation, feeding positions, and mixed feeding techniques to support parents with information and support that’s right for them.

For a full breakdown of the modules inside this qualification, please visit the Breastfeeding Peer Supporter training page. 

Mental Wellbeing

antenatal-teacher-training-mental health support
Perinatal Mental Health Educator

Another whole certification! Birth trauma and mental health incidences for both parents are on the rise. But it is not enough to simply educate your parents about the signs, symptoms and signposting. Instead, learn evidence-based ways parents can enhance, nurture and protect their emotional and mental well-being. Looking at clinical psychology, cultural traditions and new emerging research in holistic self-conducted therapies, this module truly challenges and changes the landscape of mental health in the 1001 days.  


  • Learn about the various types of mental health issues and their epigenetic effects.
  • Explore the science and holistic side of mental health and examine how things like journaling, yoga, shinrin-yoku, art therapy and even paddling in a stream can support emotional wellbeing.
  • Design teaching plans to incorporate these topics into your classes

Partners’ Matter

In Focus

This module will enable you to guide partners through the process of birth, developing their confidence and understanding; identifying the impact birth has on them and supporting them to understand their partners’ needs through the whole journey. Many happy women has emailed in praising the classes for really engaging her partner in the pregnancy and birth.


  • Develop your understanding in the various roles that partners fulfil and how this can affect them.
  • Understand the difference and importance between active and passive support that the partner can give through pregnancy, labour, and the postnatal period. And how this impacts on informed decision making and outcomes.
  • Understand the  hormones, neuro and biological changes that occur for partners, how this can affect their mental health, their relationship and bonding with their child.

Ethnicity to Neuro

Vulnerable Communities

Industry reports such as MBRRACE, The Dignity Experience of Disabled women and ITEMS, highlight the impacts of inequalities and prejudices that are experienced by ethnic, LGBTQ+ and differently-abled parents. Going further we also look into neurodiversity such as ADHD and autism.

Look at why altering language and using inclusive images in your antenatal classes is not enough, instead see how you can restructure your services, classes and support to really support these communities.


  • Understand the difference between allyship and acceptance.
  • Identify appropriate terminology, effective communication strategies, inclusive branding, and clear signposting to support diverse communities.
  • Examine the challenges and barriers faced by these families, and acquire the skills to offer them meaningful support.
  • Explore the concept of neurodiversity and develop strategies for designing courses and care plans that cater to the unique needs of neurodiverse parents.

Engage & Learn

Antenatal Teaching Skills

This stand-alone qualification will help you develop your communication skills, confidence, and knowledge to help you guide groups of expectant parents through pregnancy and into parenthood. Understanding the different antenatal teaching methods and when to employ them, your lesson will become engaging, and impactful, not dull, nor boring!


  • Explore the psychology adult of learning and the theories.
  • Learn about the differences in teaching, coaching, and facilitating groups.
  • Learn how to make your classes engaging through active teaching methods.
  • Discover why integrating learning aims and outcomes, active and layered learning is so important for impactful classes.
  • Design, practice, and evaluate courses for online and in-person, group and private classes
  • Lesson and course plans and templates included

Time to Sleuth

Research & Informed Choice

Research is the art of questioning, with each question forming part of a bigger puzzle. It plays a crucial role in antenatal teacher training. Using real-life case studies, this controversial and ethical-based module takes an in-depth look at whether research has all the answers, and if evidence-based care and informed choice really do exist.

This one is for the Sherlocks and Ethical Debaters!


  • How to analyse research to identify quality sources for your antenatal teaching.    
  • Discuss how the application of evidenced-based care and FAME impact on Parents’ care
  • Identify and describe external factors influencing informed decision-making, including the NHS framework and professional burnout.
  • Employ the MINI BARR approach to assist parents in making fully informed decisions..
  • Understand the process by which research and evidence is made into guidelines and policy, and its impact on the care and advice provided to parents.
  • Coercion, birthing rights and effective communication skills are also included in your antenatal teacher training.

Be the best!


Reflective practice is the cornerstone of personal and professional growth and  development for antenatal teacher’s. This module will equip you with the tools and insights needed to turn your experience into learning. Through interactive content, real-life case studies, and practical exercises, this module helps you understand how your past experiences, beliefs, and values affects the quality of your antenatal teaching now and in the future.


  • Understand what reflection is and why it is
  • Using evidence to inform reflection.
  • Reflection cycles and their limitations
  • Barriers to effective reflection

Lifetime Support

The Pros and Cons of Workshops vs. Online Learning for Aspiring Childbirth Educators

Marketing is much more than popping a few posters up and posting frantically on social media! Learn about what your clients really want from you, and how to communicate with them so they travel 2 hours to get to your classes! This module kicks off your journey with us, allowing you to develop and grow your business from the start. Plus, you’ll never run out of support – you’ll have lifetime access to hands-on expertise and up to date training and resources for your business, to maintain your skills and knowledge in a very fast-paced world.


  • Understand advanced marketing skills such as social media, google ads, websites and SEO, copywriting, blogging, and sales funnels.
  • Social media templates, worksheet prompts and checklists make setting up your business easy.
  • Dive into your brand voice, image and your why to see how your copywriting attracts your perfect parent, without the salesy “Ick”


Safeguarding Adults & Babies

Safeguarding is crucial for protecting both yourself and the parents’ and babies you work with. It highlights the significance of ensuring safety and promoting the well-being of all participants, creating a foundation for a secure learning and growth atmosphere. Gain knowledge on recognising indicators of harm, abuse, and neglect, and understand how to offer support and guidance effectively. A safeguarding policy template is provided to assist in implementing these practices.


  • Identify and understand the key principles of safeguarding for both parents and babies in educational settings.
  • Develop the skills to create a safe, welcoming environment for classes, prioritising privacy, respect, and emotional support.
  • Learn to recognise and respond appropriately to any signs of discomfort or distress in parents and babies, ensuring their well-being is always protected.
  • Master the implementation of safety protocols, including environmental hazard prevention, hygiene practices, and respectful, consent-based interaction with both parents and infants.


Two BOUNUS qualifications enabling you to offer superior education and support for your parents.

4 simple sts  y

Antenal Tchg Care

Learn Your

Work your way through the online modules and tutorials at your own pace, in your own time. Broken down into small bit sized chunks its easy to achieve this around your life and helps you work your way through the course in a time-sensitive manner.

Video, animations, workbooks, puzzles, audio casts, and blogs cater for every learning style. No “death by power-point” here!

Our “Earn as you Learn” process means you could be teaching in as little as 8 weeks!

Apply Your Knowledge

Live weekly tutorials with the module leaders will help you apply your new knowledge to working life situations.

Using scenarios, case studies and ethical discussions you will take your learning to the next level. 

Also covered are topics like  setting up your practice, discussing lesson plans and opportunities to practice online teaching are also included.

Missed one? Can’t attend live? Watch on replay!

Practice Your Skills

Our Workshops are designed to help you practice your teaching and communication skills and build your confidence.  A  photographer and videographer will also be present to support you in building your brand presence! 

These are not compulsory and you do not need to attend to pass your qualification.

Details are sent out towards the end of your training. Location/dates vary but is usually Spring or Autumn within the Midlands

Elevate Your Career

Lifetime access to the course,  all the updates AND the live tutorials allow you to refresh and keep updated whenever you wish. 

Sitting alongside this is FREE, ongoing CPD keeping you on top of the latest developments both in your industry and in the world of social media and marketing.

And for our Advanced Diploma Students, additional FREE mindset, CEO sessions provide strategy, gentle accountability and support to ensure your success – For life!

Wh cld y rn aer dog yr Antenal Tch Trn

Your earning range is anything from £1542 – £2570

Your earning range is anything from £950 – £1285

Your earning potential is £300

You can earning range is around £450

Rdy  rol?

Antenatal Teaching Diploma

Course Investment

Payment Options


Save thousands!

Combine Diplomas


Advced Dipla in the 1001 days 

This Diploma encompasses all five of our mainstream diplomas PLUS qualifies you as a Breastfeeding Counsellor, and a Perinatal Mental Health Supporter. 


Yr pce of md


Satisfaction or your money back!

100% refunded, no questions asked. Simply email us with your request within 14 days of enrolling and we will issue you a full refund for your Antenatal Teacher Training 


Westminster Insurance Affiliation

Antenatal Training International has gained affiliation with Westminster Insurance. This partnership has been awarded in recognition of our exceptional quality courses and ensures that all our students can be covered for a discounted fee in any area we train in! 


Qualification Guarantee

With multiple policies allowing us to adjust the course to suit your needs, we can promise that if you do the work, you will pass your Antenatal Educator Training


Professional Recognition

The CMA champions natural healthcare globally, advocating at government level for our rights and those of our parents. As a registrant, you can add MCMA to your name and access free and discounted CPD, setting your profession apart. Plus, list your classes on the CMA website for additional exposure.

Yr questions Answered…

None! Your qualification doesn’t “run out”, it doesn’t need renewing, you are not tied to any licencing or membership. After the Antenatal Teacher Training you are an independent practitioner.   

Anywhere you deem suitable. This maybe your home, it maybe a community centre – I’ve even taught in a yurt, wedding venues and a boat!  Inside the Antenatal Educator  training you will  discover lots of tips on how to choose venues, how to manipulate venues – even how to source venues depending on the weather and season!! Intrigued much? lol

Its certainly unusual I will grant you that, but in reality all birth workers, no matter what specialist area they work in, are by nature and need, evidenced based. I have come across accredited training which not only was a loads of twoddle, but also highly dangerous – why? because the teacher in question had no idea about research (or no interest in keeping up to date). 

As for the other more unusual modules – well again, its not just about the birthing person, its not just about the neuro typical parent, to give well rounded brilliant classes you need to be able to flex and adapt to all parents needs. 


Your training consists of  the online self paced modules, as well as a series of live tutorials on all manor of subjects. 

Each tutorial is between 1 and 2 hours enabling you to fit this round your schedule and you can pick and choose which ones, and how many you come too. 

We also don’t insist you join of these live, as they are recorded, and we recognise that 7pm UK is probably 3am for some of our students!

These tutorials are a mix of support, chances to get questions answered and to discuss your learnings and insights. 

After your Antenatal Educator training, theses tutorials can continue if you wish! Just because you’ve qualified does not mean we remove the live support.

We also have a Facebook group and CPD opportunities for mentorship lead by the team and guest experts. 

Its very understandable to be nervous – after all learning online is very different to teaching a groups of strangers in person!

ATI gives you the chance to learn and practice hot to tach in variety of different ways – from online live and recorded sessions, to our workshops that help you develop your skills in private and group classes.

We even take you though the different skill set in running retreats and community events! 

So no matter how you want to teach your classes you are covered with plenty of chances to practice.

There are three main reasons really.

The first is the way we teach you – to consciously consider and design your lessons – how you want them to be.  We don’t teach you to teach “our way”. We encourage and support you to explore the way that feels right for you and your parents’.

Of course we have so many resources included in your Antenatal Educator training that, you can if you want just pick these up and run with them. Whatever is right for you!

The second thing is our vision to see Antenatal Educators  recognised as a valuable part of a parents maternity team. To see them recognised as the expert professional we train you to be. This means out training is so levelled up you will be able to take great pride in your work but also stand shoulder to shoulder with other professionals (as one student said I could “hold my own”)

And lastly but most importantly our 6 pillars. Combining holistic and evidenced based care to impact on a parents emotional and metal wellbeing is THE core reason why ATI exists. Go beyond simply being a Antenatal Educator. 

Yes, Yes you can!

Ok so lest start with out ongoing extensive marketing training and support. Getting you up and running with your brand, your message and marketing from the moment you enrol – but importantly KEEPING it going beyond qualification!

Instagram likes dropped off a cliff, TikTok reel showing to 3 people (and ones your Gran)? Pop onto a tutorial and gets Pamela’s eyes directly on your feed and  fix the problem!

Lifetime support and lifetime updates for an ever changing, and frankly often confusing part to your business. 

If you don’t have the time to market your classes or simply don’t want to bother with it (who could blame you!) you also have the choice to teach for your UK wide agency BirthWorld CIC. Gain clients on autopilot and just turn up and teach!

Birth World

Well to be honest you don’t know until you try. We wont be for everyone admittedly, and nor do we try.

But to help you decide, we do have a taster experience so you can have a go at some of the modules, see our workbooks and generally see how the backend fits together. 

Just pop to the link below to take a look.

Free Taster Course Experience – Antenatal Training International (antenatal-training.com)

But we also offer a 14 days no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you sign up and its not for you, just let us know and we will pop your money back into your account with no deductions and absolutely no risk.


No absolutely not. There are no entry requirements.

We will support anyone to become the wonderful antenatal educator they can be.

Our training will take you from ground zero to full fledged professional Antenatal Educator

Depending on your circumstances – yes.

Because BirthWorld is a CIC we have the ability to apply for grants and funding for our students to cover their training and business support.

Find out more here… Grants & Funding


Not as such, no

The big problem is that there is a lot of substandard teaching out there, and we cant be sure exactly what is and isn’t in other trainings. 

So to level the playing field, we don’t do a “conversion course”, instead what we do is recognise your prior learning and offer a 30% discount! Simply send us your certificate to receive a discount code.

Not as such, no

Midwives and educators are enterally two different careers, requiring shared knowledge but different skill sets. 

Think of it this way – how many times did you sit through the most dreadful presentation because whilst the teacher knew their “stuff”, boy ‘o boy did they not know how to teach in a engaging way so that you actually retained what they were talking about? (free tip – chuck the presentations the bin!)

So to level the playing field, we don’t do a “conversion course”, instead what we do is recognise your prior learning and offer a 30% discount! Simply send us your certificate to receive a discount code.

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