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Are you ready to help change the narrative when it comes to antenatal training and supporting parents through those crucial 1000 days? Have your experiences compelled you to embark on a career to positively impact the lives of other parents? If you have answered yes, then our International Accredited Qualifications can give you the professional start to your new career… With an unrivalled level of support to help you build an impactful brand with your training.

We are serious about changing the experience of parents’, not just when it comes to the care and support given to parents, but also about access to education, building career pathways and creating entrepreneurial opportunities for people, regardless of their background or circumstances. 


Birthing Legacy Leaders


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Research shows that standard childbirth classes are not meeting the demands and needs of the majority of modern parents, compiled with the ongoing maternity crisis, leaves parents in a very vulnerable position. 

 This is why we created our person-centric, unique approach to birthing and parenting classes so that specially trained educators can step into this gap and provide expert, ongoing support. Antenatal Training International’s original “Six Pillar” system combines evidence-based processes with holistic topics to nurture and enhance parents’ emotional and mental well-being for a lasting positive impact, through our central value of continuity of care. 

Once you have embarked upon a training programme with us, we will work together to empower you with all of the tools and skills you need to deliver these in-demand classes independently or through our BirthWorld franchise.

Can you see yourself building a brand that makes a huge impact on your parents?



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1001 Days


The 1001 days Advanced Tcher Ting Diplas

Nurturing Your Expertise 


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Antenatal Training International are proudly led by a team of expert tutors, each holding the highest qualification in their field and a minimum of 10 years experience.

From PHD nutritionists to  Midwives, Doulas, Clinical Psychologists, and IBCLC Lactation Consultants, when we say expert, we mean it! We know how important it is that you have full trust and confidence not only in the quality of training you receive, but in the approach of those delivering your training. With our friendly, inclusive and warm approach, your your Antenatal Teacher Training is in safe hands.

If you want to find out more about us, start with our founders story…

Lifetime Support & Mentoring

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At Antenatal Training we go beyond just the qualification with practical and hands on, lifetime marketing support to help you establish and grow your brand.

Your Confidence 



Establishing your own business can feel daunting – that is why we have included ongoing lifetime CPD, course, and tutorial access – within all our courses! 

Your Future


Yr Fute

We are proud to work with several organisations that can support you with non-repayable funding for your qualifications and help you with financing your business.

Kd Wds fr r Communy

“Initially I felt very overwhelmed. But as it went along the support and layered learning made t fall into place. My mind was constantly blown by the depth of what I was learning. I can see what is missing from most classes now, seems so obvious.”

Tara Quaine

Advanced Childbirth Educator & Practitioner in the 1001 Days


Exple me with r resrc

From the latest news and articles from the world of antenatal education to finding out about how our courses work, these resources can support your journey on building a birthing educator brand…


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antatal educat?  

As an antenatal educator, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on childbirth and parenting education, tailoring your approach to meet the unique requirements and preferences of modern parents.

In a rapidly changing world, where access to information is so much more accessible, parents are seeking more than just traditional classes. They want guidance that is up-to-date, evidence-based, and individualised to their specific circumstances. By becoming an antenatal educator, you can offer a dynamic and adaptable learning experience that incorporates the latest research, birthing techniques, and parenting approaches.

Your role will extend beyond the classroom, as you assist parents in navigating the wealth of information available online and in the community. By fostering critical thinking, offering practical advice, and addressing contemporary concerns, you will be able to empower expectant parents to make informed choices that align with their values and aspirations.

In short, becoming an antenatal educator allows you to bridge the gap between outdated approaches, the maternity crisis and the needs of today’s parents, ensuring that they embark on their parenting journey well-prepared, confident, and fully equipped for the exciting adventure ahead. 

We can’t wait to support you on your journey…

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Create a rewarding career you can be proud of… Enrol in one of our accredited antenatal educator courses today. By taking this important step, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide modern, evidence-based guidance to expectant parents, helping them navigate the exciting but challenging path to parenthood.

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